Affirmation needed to stop feeling like a slave

Hi: I am new to this group and was hoping that someone here would have a good affirmation to stop feeling like a slave to others and to life. I am looking for a way to over come this. Any suggestions you have would be greatly welcomed.Blessings

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  • Thank You I will take all of your suggestions to heart.

  • Hi, I don't like your question. I think the first step is to reword IT. Like, how can I love myself more? It has to come from you, but make it more positive.
    Good luck
  • Here is my advise to you: Really look at the benefit you get from feeling like a slave. I know that it sounds silly, just try. If you were to let this feeling go would you feel less loved, less needed, out of control? Then see how you could change and know that not only will you resist, so will the people that are use to your help. Then start the positive affirmations. Make sure they are positive, it is easy to say what we don't want, not always as easy to say what we do. Then use this affermation from Louise Hay's book,
    I am willing to release the pattern in me that created these conditions.
    I am willing to change ( this is a big one and very helpful)

    I know this affirmation doesn't sound as if it fits, it does, try it for awhile.
    I easily release that which I no longer need. The past is over and I am free.

    We, according to Louise, use many more negitive affirmations than positive so we must make sure to repeat the positive ones many, many times. I hope this helps. Pat
  • Hi,
    How about-
    1 I am worthy of being loved
    2) It is safe to say no to things I do not wish to do, myslef worth comes from saying YES to me. When I say NO to others I say YES to me.
    3) I am not responsible for other people's feelings. If they feel disappointed when I refuse to please them, it is their problem, not mine.
    4) I choose to be loved by my inner being first and then by others. My inner being loves me even when I do not behave like a slave to others.
    5) I do not have to do anything to eran love, I am lovable as I am.

    hope these help
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