Any coach available to help with anxiety?

Hi everyone, I have the heal your life book and have tried to applied it to my life I do say affirmations but it doesn't seem to be working, are there any coaches who would be willing to work with me to overcome this anxiety I have? I know its stemming from my thoughts, I know I need coaching to help me get through this, if you know anyone please respond thank you!

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  • I use an approach based on Holodynamics that I have found highly successful.
  • I'm a coach in training.
    Now, my dear, what would you like?
    Videos on fear busting?
    AFFORmations (not affirmations - a bit different)
    Questions to help you (I can help a bit with this will do what I know)
    EFT links on fear busting?
    Aw shucks this is from May!
    Well, I just saw this now, if you still want help let me know
  • See my response to your previous inquiry on Panic Attacks. Marlene Marion from the EFT site I provided a link for can help you! Use the EFT video I linked you to, and sign up for Marlene's free distant healing sessions twice per month.
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