Back pain

Hello all--

I've been dealing with back pain for a while, but it's gotten much worse recently.  I was just reading some of Louise's comments on back pain. One of them was that back pain can be caused by fear of money. I found that interesting because my back and my financial situation both got much worse on the same day.

Has anybody healed their back using affirmations?  What were the affirmations you used? What else did you do?

If you want more details on my back pain, it's lower back pain. It is generally fine when I am sitting/lying down, but if I have to walk or carry anything or stand for any length of time, my whole back kind of seizes up and I have to sit down.  

Can anyone help me with this?

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  • Hi starrykitten, I wud suggest that u go with the affirmation that Louise recommeds in her book "I trust the process of life. All i need is now taken care of. I am safe".

    I personally agree with the probable causes that she has mentioned against the various conditions. A lot of them have been true for me and my dear ones.

    e.g For a while now, i have had a terrible pain on the joint that connects the spine and the head. often this pain seems to travel down my spine (like someone inserting a needle throught that joint). This pain started the day i heard a news that made me very angry, sad, helpless and depressed. I had not connected the dots until a few days ago when i was reading the chapter titled "Resistence to change".

    I said the affirmation " I am willing to release the pattern within me that is creating this anger within me". Within a few minutes the pain actually vanished. Honestly it did. Trust me.

    But when i thought those angry thoughts again, the pain immediately sprung up. That is when i understood why i have this pain. i then checked Louise's book which said that shoulder pains happen when "we make life a burden by our attitiude" - And that is absolutely true. I had indeed been creating demons in my head by stubbornly being angry at imaginery situations that MAY happen in the future ( my excuse was that i am trying to prepare for what is lying in store for me). Hope this helps.

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