Bad Dancer Affirmation? haha..

This is a What Would Hay's Do? Question. So, there are affirmations for acne, affirmations for alcoholism, affirmations for throat problems..Are there affirmations for bad dancers? I feel like my limiting belief is that people are all watching & judging me & my past has told me that I am a less than a good dancer (this is club dancing by the way, nothing fancy). I want to be able to dance without inhibitions, but the reality is that I DO have inhibitions & my negative gremlin comes out every time & instead of enjoying myself I only sortof dance, but not really...SO What Do You Think Hays Would Do? :-)Thank U All !!!

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  • Hey, that's pretty good! Thanks :)
  • That's a good way to think of it I really love my & everyone else's inner child!
  • I love to dance. As long as you love yourself. You won't care what others think. According to other people's opioions, Im not the greatest dancer. Im happy dancing and I don't care about what others think. Get in the zone and let loose. Thats when I feel your closest to your inner child. Let your inner child come and and play!
  • Remember though, we can recite affirmations until we are blue, but it is the feeling we emit while affirming our desire that acually creates the reality. "The Law Of Attraction" responds to feeling and emotion. If you are thinking or saying I am good, while feeling negative or insecure, you will attract negative conditions. Put yourself in a joyful place of gratitude. Find something about your dancing that makes you feel enthusiastic, then meditate on your affirmations while being positive and encouraged
  • You Can create an affirmation for just about anything from bad breath to winning lotto, overcoming chronic diherrhea, to finding a competent lover. Affirmations are just Affirming the result of your desire to be true. Let's see,,, bad dancer,,, " As I work toward my passion for the art of dancing I see my skills improving daily, my committment and diligence are yielding me the result of perfection. I am a good dancer and talented atrist as divine spirit flows with my every move. I am grateful for the inspiration I receive from Source, and continue to share my art for the enjoyment of many. People love to come and see me dance".

    I guess I posted this twice. Put it in the wrong spot the first time
  • Hi,
    you have identified the problem yourself, - It is not about dancing, it is about losing your inhibitions that stopyou from enjoying what you do in this case dancing. SO stop judging yourself, just give yourself an overdose of -
    'I love and approve of myself' , it is safe to enjoy myself, I do not have to be a top notch dancer to enjoy myself, just the fact that i enjoy myslef is enough, and it is time to let go of the past- that part of your past that makes you judge yourself as a bad dancer, the people only reflect your beliefs about you.
    No body is going to punish you if you dance badly, you do not need to worry about who is sniggering about it behind your back- just let go and enjoy yourself. As you let go of those inhibitions you will find what people think no longer bothers you.

    hope this view helps
    dance away
    love and god bless
  • I don't know but I am interested to find out so I can learn too.
    Good luck!
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