Cure for endometriosis with LOA??

Dear all,I suffer from fulminant endometriosis. I am in pain 24/7. I have undergone 2 surgeries but the disease is recurrent. I also wish to conceive but I am over 40 and my doc put my chances as < 1%.Has anyone here used LOA or Hays' teachings to cure endometriosis?Thanks in advance for your replies.

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  • Hi: One thing that might help you is The Healing Codes, I have used it for two years now and can't say enough about it. One of the Doctors involved with it was in the Secret. Also check out EFT, it also works well.
  • Hi,
    in addition to louise hay and LOA use the power of the subconscious mind- just say the words 'perfect heath' over and over again in your mind before you fall asleep every night. It will help cure any condition because the subconscious mind has a picture of perfect health and will return your body to its healthy condition.
  • This is what Louise says in her book, Heal Your Body about Endometriosis.

    Probable emotional causes..........Insecurity, disappointment and frustration. Replacing self-love with sugar. Blamers

    Sit with each one of these for a bit and notice what comes up for you. It's best to have paper and pen handy to write down any thoughts and/or feelings that come up. Reflect. Ask for guidance and clarity.

    The new thought pattern to say to yourself, preferably while looking into your eyes in a mirror.

    I am both powerful and desirable. It's wonderful to be a woman. I love myself and I am fulfilled.

    Namaste' and Blessings to you.........
    Doreen Marchetti
    Licensed, Heal Your Life® Teacher
  • have you heard about
    reed on you tube and maybe it can help you
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