Healing my Speech Problems (Stuttering/Stammering)??

Stuttering/Stammering is when you repeat sertain sounds in words because you can't say it. It's kind of hard to explain but for the last two years I haven't had a problem with a single word untill last month. I'm not sure what trigged it, but it just keeps getting worse.

I try to say positive things like "words flow out of my mouth without any problem" and even though I feel it and see it for the moment, whenever I enter my school or hangout with my friends... It just happens. I know that whenever I do start to stutter, I just can't stop, I get pissed of at myself and it just keeps getting worse. I don't know how to stay positive at the moment of the action. 

Does anyone know anything about how I should do? 

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  • I'm a speech therapist. Relax and try to breathe. I have seen anxiousness escalate stuttering. There is so much information online, research some and I will give you feed back. I hope you are well. (I'm typing in absolute darkness, so please excuse typos.) Peace , Karen
  • I agree with all of the points already made, and would add a question - do you meditate regularly? Meditation helps you to relax, and let go of some of the stress that manifested itself through the speech problem. Sometimes the reason why you began with this issue in the first place, comes from a deeper place then you realize. I would recommend to do some thinking about what occured in your life when it first came into your life. Your message indicated that it happened before, and that it seemed gone away. Go back to the original tricker and maybe use techniques such as EFT to break through them once and for all.

    Blessed Be Peace

    (P.S. I can also include you in our weekly healing circle, if you want to, Drop me a line, and I will send you healing energy every Wednesday)
  • Thank you Vee for those wonderful affrimations! It feels so wonderful saying then, like my heart is vibrating at the loving tone, thank you! :)

    And about the group, the more I think about it the more I think that you are right. I'm always nerveous thatI won't live up to my expitations of my freinds, family and of myself... And when I stutter I just feel like I've completely failed.
  • I'll definitley try envision myself speaking slower, and I love your affrimations!

    I've worked with a Speech-language pathology in my past, but that just made things worse, because I kept confirming to myself that I really do stutter.... Got any other tips or great affrimations?
  • Hi Sonja,

    It looks like it is the environment or the group you hangout with that triggers it. There must be something there that makes you nervous or insecure about yourself. you need to affirm " I speak for myself with joy and ease". There will be no resistance when you say an affirmation like that. Follow it up with "I totally support myself when I speak up for my self" I love and approve of myself everytime I speak up for myself. I love myself.
    I hope this helps.
  • Hi There Sonja,

    I've been working with positive affirmations for a couple of years. It's great when every aspect is positive. Maybe, "Words flow easily out of my mouth." or "Talking is fun and easy." Also, try to role play, and envision speaking easily. Your mind doesn't know the difference between an imagined experience and a real experience, so imagine yourself speaking with ease.

    The other thing I would say is to see if you can find a Dyslexia Specialist in your area to get screened for that. I am a Dyslexia Specialist, and stuttering is a warning sign of dyslexia. If you work with someone who can help you with your phonemic awareness, that may help.

    Also, be gentle with yourself. You're a good person, and no one's getting hurt by you. I heard of a story last night about a lady who is a motivational speaker. She was on stage with an audience of about 1,000 people. Her skirt fell down. She said to the audience, "Please tell me that's not my skirt." and "Excuse me for a moment." (then she pulled her skirt up) So, remember her when you go through a difficult experience and just think, "I'm not standing half naked in front of 1,000 people."

    Also, "I love and approve of myself" is one I constantly say.

    With Blessings,
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