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Admin OptionsEdit Discussion Close Discussion Add TagsCancelDelete Discussion I don't know if I'm at the right website, I am looking for a support section where I can chat with people who have read Louise Hay's books. I am currently reading Louise Hay's book, 'You can heal your life'I strongly believe in her philosophy about you can heal your body through positive affirmations. I have a health issue and wanted to discuss this with people. My health problem was discovered about 5 years ago, it's a defect in my heart. It's not a disease or a 'dis-ease' as Louise calls it. I've been told I need to have open heart surgery to repair this problem. I am terrified of the prospect of this and have read louise's book in the hope that I can improve my health. But as this problem is a structural problem and not a disease am I clutching onto false hope that I can heal myself.If this post is not suitable to this website I apologise.

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  • Hi Gerard, I know this post is a year old, and I hope you did find the help you required, but if you are still learning to heal, I thought you might like to watch Dr Bruce Lipton on Utube with his studies in Epigenetics which show that even if the 'dis-ease is a genetic fault, or defect or somthing like thatit CAN still be healed with thoughts. His work shows that genes are turned on and off in the womb by the thoughts of hte parents, who may have been stressing over a genetic illness or just stressing full stop. The genes hold the blueprint of the perfect heart and other organs, so we can always, appeal to our genes and dna to rebuild our body or organs to be perfect again. So NEVER lose hope of a complete and seemingly miraculous cure.

    Thoughts are a stream of photons of light and light can be a wave or a particle and so our thoughts go out into the matrix to bring our desires to us, but they also go into the body, at the pineal gland and become 'things', neuropeptides that then cause a cascade of events in the body that either heal or make ill, depending on the emotions that are carried through, positive, healing or happy thoughts versus negative, stressful and debilitating thoughts

    sending you much love and healing energies

    Love and light Gen
  • Hi Janelle,

    How have I started using "You can heal your life"?

    Well I read through it quickly at first and then I read through each chapter very slowly. It appears to me that the affirmation "I love and approve of myself" is probably the best one to use. I am also saying "I am safe" and "I trust in the process of life" because I do suffer from anxiety and fear.

    However having looked up heart problems at the back of the book I noticed that my problem isn't really explicitly covered. I guess it could go under general heart problems. My problem is that my aortic valve is leaking because of a defect, I was born with a bicuspd valve (2 leaves) as were 98% of the population have tricupids valves (3 leaves) so I don't really know how this can be fixed without surgery as it is a structural problem and not a dis-ease.

    I'm glad to hear that you already have had improvements, how long have you been trying the affirmations and how many times a day?


  • Hello Gerald,

    EVERY situation we encounter can be rectified by silence.

    Let me explain: Many times we are are busy with our lives that we do not take any time to be quite. By being silent, truly silent, we allow the universe, the source, our higher being, call us back to being the well-being we naturally are. People call this meditation. You see you mention an affirmation in your text above 'it's a defect in my heart' and 'I need to have open heart surgery to repair this problem. I am terrified of the prospect of this'. This should be replaced. Easier said than done. Most of us are conditioned to make many more poverty affirmations than wealth ones, and the same is true in regard to our health.

    Louise has another good audiobook called 'Self-Esteem Affirmations' on Amazon.

    Your illness (heart issue) is a lack of wellness, just as darkness is a lack of light. You don't go into a room and switch on a dark switch, but a light switch, darkness CANNOT exist in the presence of light.

    You just cannot become well by your focus on illness, you have to BE well. You must switch on your wellness switch.

    At first it's hard because you are conditioned otherwise to 'look at the reality' - the reality is the reality, not your goal. You see that the room is dark and so do the doctors, and they are telling you how dark it is, but what if they were wrong, what if you knew that there was a light switch, and what if only you need to feel along the wall to flick the switch.

    Wayne Dyer's book 'Excuses Begone' addresses this conditioning beautifully.

    or try these 2 YouTube videos of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton having a discussion about "The Biology Of Belief"

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Should you feel inclined for some extra terrestrial help try Doreen Virtue - Angel Therapy, as Rachael mentions above.

  • Gerard, Here is what I firmly believe. Yes, affiramtions are great, positive thinking will change your world, and yes your thoughts can heal you. Miricles will happen daily in your life once you began asking, believing and receiving. I have read many of Wayne Dyers book and something some people may not know, Wayne Dyer had a heart attack and had to have surgery! Sometimes we need to do the extreme to give us the chance to practice our new found beliefs. Please read this chapter in Louise's book, it is chapter 7 How to change. Let go of the fear, and trust in yourself to make the correct choice. Meditate, and listen. Your answer will come to you in third person. If you are saying I could do this or I should do this, that is not the true answer. You will hear, "make a Dr. appoint," or "read this chapter again" or "don't be afraid". I will be keeping you in my prayers. If you can find the DVD of "You can Heal Your Life", please watch it. There are several presenters that talk about health issues and what they did to help heal themselves. Pat
  • Dear Gerard,

    "Let go and let God" as Wayne Dyer would say... I humbely recommend some Wayne Dyer energy for you benifit! Google HayHouseRadio, and listen in to one of his shows.....
    They are all archived every week, and its free to listen in to them.
    There is definately room for a miracle healing for you....It can happen to anyone, have strong faith, and a desire to serve.....
    (as you probably already do)

    Most abundant wishes to you,
    Love, Rachael
  • Hey Gerard, you are inthe right place and do not ever doubt your faith. affirmations really help and in addition tothat you can try the power of sanskrit mantras- there is one for dissolving blocked energy- OM GUM GANAPATYEI NAMAHA. Chant this as manytimes as you can through out the day for 40 days just as you chant your affirmations, and do meditate. even if you chant just the seed mantra GUM over and over again, it will help. Mantras are also affirmations...
    Happy healing!
  • Hi Gerard,

    I also have discovered Louise Hay's philosophy and I am using this to cure my illness. I am using affirmations, as well as focusing on forgiveness. Holding on to the past is what prevents healing. How have you started using "You can heal your life"? I believe we can cure any condition. I have already had improvements from changing my attitude and practicing affirmations in the past few months.

    Wishing you excellent health
  • Gerard, this is the place. You can also post this in PI. Affirmations are effective. Both Law of Attraction and L. Hay will agree that you ought to believe and miracles will happen.
    Good luck
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