How do I go about healing my body?

Hello everyone


I have yet to buy Louise Hays book You can heal your life.  I picked it up a number of times in book stores.


I am wondering as I think I am either suffering from folliculitis or acne?? And I would love to have my normal healthy skin return as it was 14 years ago.  No I havent suffered this skin problem for 12/13 years but i think it was caused by use in the birth control pill for that period of year.


I want to feel comfortable and confident in my skin again.


Can anyone help me to help my body, thank you


love and many blessings



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  • Thank you Trish for your advice.

    Yes, I have heard of Marlene and I have joined her group. I found I just never stuck with doing with EFT, I am not sure why. As for Sublminal mind progrramming, i am trying to do that everyday with positive affirmations. Your response is very helpful.

    I am seeing a naturopath at the moment and she has put me on different herbal tonics.

    I am not sure really but I cant help but think stress is involved, and I work in a stressful ward as a nurse. I know I need to seek a change, since I have been on this ward for 4 months only.

    many blessings and hugs to you and thanks for your guidance :D

    • You're welcome, I hope you find something that works for you. I know the EFT can be a little hard to get into and make a habit...I still struggle with 'finding time' to do it every day. It's like anything else, it requires dedication and for us to put in the work. At least sign up for the free distant healings if you haven't already. Those alone have done amazing things for me so far. That requires no work other than to lay down in a quiet place for an hour and enjoy the hour. (You can even call the energies back in for up to 24 hours, like before bed, if you can't lay down during the designated healing time.)

      Keep doing your affirmations if that's what works for you. I never had tons of success with affirmations alone which is why I turned to the subliminal stuff. It works differently than just repeating affirmations as it completely bypasses the conscious barriers and eliminates the negative self-talk that can creep in. I tried hard for two years to manifest extra money for Christmas and failed each year. This past year I started listening to a CD from InnerTalk called 'Millionaire Orbit'. Within just three days I had an amazing idea to launch my cake decorating and baking biz off the ground, and I manifested more than the extra $500 I wanted to have for Christmas PLUS an extra almost $300 to adopt a single-parent family for the holidays. (I didn't manifest the money in three days, haha, just the ideas that started coming in...but I started listening to the CD in early November, so in less than two months I manifested the money I desired.) I recently started listening to another one for Healing Childhood Truama, and within just a few days I had a memory from my childhood, something that I had never 'remembered' before, and got some insight as to when and why my mum's severe alcoholism may have started. I have prayed for years, tried to get therapy, tried a hypnosis session (I don't go 'under' easily), repeated affirmations, everything to try and heal myself from years of abuse and to hopefully see my mum get well again. Nothing worked...the prayers seemed worthless as she just gets worse every year. But when I got that little 'intuitive' memory, I immediately felt my heart soften up a bit. I was a bit of a release for the technology of subliminal mind reprogramming is very powerful and often produces results that affirmations alone can't. Sorry, don't mean to sound like I'm pushing it down your's just that many people kind of write it off as not being any different than affirmations. Then they will take my advice and purchase a few CDs and almost always write back telling me 'thank you!' Of course, I can't say it always works very fast...if you have deep blocks and deep beliefs that need to be eliminated first, then it could take several months, even years, to turn things around. But that's with any method you choose. Just try to be patient and focus on manifesting the method that will work for you and provide you with the greatest results. :-)

      And yes, I'm sure the stress of your job is taking it's toll. Stress, as you already know I'm sure, releases cortisol and exhausts your poor adrenal glands which can cause your thyroid to become low, and then it messes up all your estrogen balance, sometimes causing the underproduction of progesterone, etc...and all that just becomes like the snowball rolling down the hill, picking up speed and size.
    • Apart from my acne that I get, I think I may have folliculitis that looks like acne, its persistent and I would love to heal my body. I have read so much about people who have cancer and have rid the disease, surely I am able to rid this debilitating skin condition too?

      It really brings me down that I cant be comfortable in my own skin anymore

      Kylie :(
  • Hi, Kylie.

    First of all, YES, the birth control pill probably played a big part in your skin problems. Birth control is a synthetic hormone or group of hormones that disrupt your body's natural hormonal balance, and hormones are responsible for EVERYTHING in your body being in balance. I'm the walking 'poster child' for how unbalanced hormones can destroy your health, and I accomplished this fete by the ripe old age of 25. I've been working closely with an herbalist who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past few years to get my hormones back in order. As I cross the 'over 30' threshold' I'm working toward getting everything back in balance. Chinese medicine is fantastic and nothing short of miraculous. You could check out your area and see if you have any herbalists practicing TCM. My herbalist gives me this little yellow pill that 'gets the heat out of the liver' and gets my skin back to balance. (Chinese medicine is all about balance...keeping the body 'cool' and 'dry'.)

    Are you familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, a.k.a. 'tapping')? Even though hormones play a big part of our bodies being healthy and balanced, there's always an underlying fear and/or emotion that causes our hormones to become unbalanced in the first place. I'm sure you have feelings, in regards to the condition of your skin, that probably need to be brought to the surface and 'tapped' out. There is a P.I. member named Marlene Marion who has a group, and her own site, called 'Advanced EFT Healing Beings Now'. She has hundreds of free tapping videos, and some for skin, body, and self-esteem issues. She also does free distant healing session, using light energy, a few times per month. I've been having lots of success in releasing old, stagnant emotions and negative feelings using her EFT videos and distant healing sessions. Here's a link to her site (you can message her and ask for advice, she's a sweetheart):

    One other thing I suggest you look into is Subliminal Mind Reprogramming/Subliminal Messaging. This is like sending affirmations to your subconscious brain and completely bypassing the conscious barrier. When you do this you avoid the constant 'mind chatter' and negative thoughts that may try to 'argue' with you while doing affirmations. You are just reprogramming your subconscious mind to have a new set of beliefs...'I have beautiful, clear, healthy skin'...and it's effortless. Just pop in a CD, listen to nice ocean sounds, and let the subconscious mind absorb the messages. The messages are usually not audible at all to the conscious ear, but your subconscious ear will be picking up the message loud and clear. Here are two companies I order from frequently, and I've had lots of success using CDs from both sites:

    InnerTalk has been around the longest and basically pioneered this kind of technology. They funded and conducted several studies on the effectiveness of subliminal mind reprogramming using audio cassettes and CDs. B.E. is actually cheaper than InnerTalk, and those CDs have a silent track that you can listen to anywhere, anytime with no sound at all. The messages are still there, you just won't hear them. The creator at B.E. can also custom-create CDs for any issue you may want to work on. I have friends that have had them made for everything from healing specific diseases to growing a bigger, fuller bum. I'm used them for breast growth (still working on that, have a lot of blocks to remove), attracting money, healing childhood trauma (I'm actually been more compassionate toward my mum and her alcoholism and have had some 'intuitive' insight as to why it started in the first place), blood circulation, and a few other ones that I haven't started listening to yet. There are plenty of testimonials on InnerTalk's website of people who have used the 'clear skin' program.

    Hopefully you got some things to work with, and the CDs are only a small investment. I would really suggest starting with the EFT first and getting rid of the negative emotions that are brought on with skin problems. I've suffered from them nonstop since puberty, and they have been a great source of heaviness on my self-esteem.
  • Thank you Tat, I am going to try that. However a few months ago I did put as one of my affirmations I have beautiful, healthy, young clear blemish free radiant skin. I guess I need to say it everyday and believe it.

    Thank you again

  • Hi Kylie,
    I've managed to heal my body of various health issues, so I can attest to the fact that it can be done. Have you ever heard of the power of your mind? Well, it really starts in the mind. You have to really "believe" inside of you and have faith that it will clear up. You can do what I did and post affirmations throughout the house like: Yay! All the cells of my body are healing, I am so healthy now. In your case you might use: My skin is smooth and blemish free, or I have beautiful skin, or something to that effect. After a while of hearing something regularly, your mind actually starts to believe what you hear and it will go towards manifesting what you really want for your body. You have to have lots of faith, patience, and you can't give up. Best of luck to you.
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