• Hello lanos,
    I can relate to a lot that you say also. For the longest time it seemed that all I did was read book after book, and nothing happened. Then one day, about three months ago, I picked up my well worn copy of "You Can Heal Your Life" and it was like I was reading it for the first time.
    It really is as simple (but not easy) as Louise says. You have to begin to apply the techniques she gives you, which are laid out very simply in the book. She says (and she is so right) that the first step is awareness - you have to start becoming concious of what you are thinking/feeling before you can begin to change it. And you can't just put a bandaid on deep feelings - we are meant to feel our feelings, but five years seems like a long time. Louise says that the basic problem for just about everyone is that we have to learn to really love ourselves, and everything else will follow. If you don't have "You Can Heal Your Life", please obtain a copy and do the exercises in each chapter.
    Also, one thing that really got me going was watching her movie "You Can Heal Your Life". I cried when I saw it because I saw myself in it. Life is beginning to change for me now, after much work, and sometimes I feel so much joy even before anything has changed on the outside that I know my life is changing.
    There is one other thing that helped me at my very lowest - and I am not a traditionally religious person - was when I felt I just could not go on anymore, that I didn't have the strength to get through the day, I asked my Higher Power (or Source, God, Your Higher Self, etc.) to please "take over". Meditation helps me get in touch with feeling the Presence of something greater within myself - and I rely on this feeling I get from going within to carry me when I am not strong enough.
    We are all the same, you are a Beautiful Soul who's Divinity is shining through even at your lowest. Please know you are never alone, and you have a wonderful life ahead of you. It is not by chance that you are on this website.
    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers-
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  • Thank you so much Trish.

    I am going through the site. It appears interesting.
    Do I need to learn EFT first... I mean how does it all work?

    I will if I have to and apply it on excuses.
    and positive results give encouragement to practice more.

    Thank you again.
    • Sorry for such a late reply! I'm not on Powerful Intentions much anymore...only when something catches my eye. :-)

      Marlene actually sends you an introductory video when you join her site. She will explain to you exactly how and where to tap. Many different EFT practitioners have their own way of doing it, and she certainly has hers. And in all her sessions you will little diagrams that show you the main energy meridian points and then the spots for the 'karate chop' on the side of the hand (You'll learn about this when you understand how to do a 'set-up' statement).

      You can also look up 'EFT' on YouTube and find tons of great videos that will help you. Rebecca Marina and Brad Yates are two of my other favorites as well as Magnus, from, and another guy named Michael Childerly. They are all great and have good videos for you to learn from...but of course I am partial to Marlene. ;-) - Free EFT Videos - Emotional Freedom Technique
      13 free videos on this site teach and demonstrate how to use Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping - to free yourself from negative feelings and beli…
  • Hello, I know everyone here has great is mine:

    Emotional Freedom Technique...otherwise known as EFT and 'tapping'
    It's like acupuncture without the are clearing out old negative emotions and beliefs while tapping on energy meridian points on your body and doing a little talking, and then inserting new positive emotions, energies, and beliefs while tapping on the same spots. It has worked wonders for me, and I know people who have dropped diseases within days of 'tapping out' the actual core emotion that caused the disease to manifest in the first place.

    There is a lady by the name of Marlene Marion who has a group here on P.I. called Advanced EFT Healing Begins Now. Or you can just go straight to her site,
    She has over a hundred free tapping videos (you will not find a site like this anywhere else with so many free resources) as well as meditations, articles, and even free distant energy healing events you can sign up for (which have changed my life in a BIG way). Healing isn't easy, and you MUST drop all excuses. That's the most difficult part.

    I hope you will at least go by her site or group page and drop her a line or two and let her know what is going on in your life. I have healed a lot of childhood trauma thanks to Marlene. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm a totally different person in comparison to a year or two ago. And she also uses a lot of Louise Hay's info in her tapping sessions...she'll pull up reasons that Louise says we hold onto things like depression or disease and will use some of that as scripting in some of the tapping videos.

    EFT doesn't work overnight for everyone. I've had issues I've been tapping on for months and still working on them. There have been other things, such as migraine, which I would 'tap on' for about half an hour, and then two hours later I would notice that it was just gone. So it all depends on the issue and how quickly you can release the core reason you have the 'issue' in the first place. If you do get over to Marlene's site, consider signing up for her distant healing events. Those things work wonders in bringing out old, buried emotions that sometimes the EFT has trouble getting to.

    I wish you best of luck and trust that you will find the path that is right for you.
  • Thank you marvin.

    No i haven't tried Reiki though i have heard of it a lot. where i live ...i have no connections to any practitioner.
    don't know weather appropriate to ask..... but can u help me with said u practiced it for 20 years.
    no i am just requesting. its ok if u say no but if anybody could help i would be really grateful.

    well i am now just seeking help anywhere i can find.
    Donno why i feel so helpless myself....i am at such a low point afters years of pain that i cannot do it for myself... although i have learned pranic healing.
    i mean just lost interest in life altogether.... but still since am still living so something in me hopes that things somehow miraculously change for me.
  • If you have not yet tried Reiki I would recommend it. I am a Reiki practitioner and have been for over 20 years. The therapeutic benefits of energy work can help unlock those things which are keeping you stuck in depression. If cost is an issue, in some areas Reiki practitioners may offer sessions at a reduced cost, free or pay what you can.

    In such sessions you may be able to receive healing energies through multiple practitioners, and this can be a very powerful experience. Reiki, especially in combination with other healing techniques such as those offered through Louise Hay can move you out of the darkness.

    Chose light over darkness and make a decision to move on. Decide to release yourself from that which is holding you fast. The solutions are within you. God may show you the door, but it is yours to open.
  • Thank you so much........
    but i don't know i read so many books.... just i go through books and nothing changes
    well i cannot explain...but i try to apply and then they don't work then i am discouraged and leave it and.....well
    • Ianos it is sad you feel so dispondent and depressed, from what I have read, many in this community can relate to your plight, I also have read so many books and tried so many things and have come through it, they all provided learning and understanding which I didnt necessarly grasp at the time, but somehow it all comes together. For me now I dont avoid the painful feelings I sit quietly and allow my self to feel al the saddness, desperation, hoplessness; I become aware of where in my body I am feeling the discomfort, I give it a shape and a colour and then I thank the universe for what this pain is teaching me - which very often is yet another way in which I am afraid to trust, or not forgiving myself or not loving and respecting myself, I acknowledge the message and I imagine light comming into the feelings and healing my bolck /resistance to change. More than anything I wish you hope and small miracles, that will help break the cycle. I will send loving healing light to you. Dont give up.
    • Thank you so much for understanding, motivation and healings.
  • I have been there...Trust me, it WILL get better. A few years ago, I wanted to die. I was sbsolutely sure that I would end up in the mental hospital. I went to counseling, I considered anti-depressants, went to church etc. etc. I told those close to me how I felt and asked them to keep an eye on me. Please read the Louise Hay book - You Can Heal Your Life and try to find a support group. Prayer works wonders!! And please believe that when you begin to think more positively, you WILL see a change. I have seen many good things happen because I am changing my thought life. I did not work all summer. I work in an elementary school and we were on summer vacation. Yet I went out of town, got new clothes, went out to eat frequently and still had a little money left in the bank by the time school started back up. Other great things happen frequently and I have really learned to appreciate all the goodness that is in my life instead of focusing on the lack. I am growing more confident every day. Another book I like is The Game of Life and How to play it by Florence Scovel Shin and the Abraham Hicks books. Hang in there, and Message me if you need too.
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