I feel very bad every time i forgive someone

Hi,I am trying ti heal my life with louis book you can heal your life.I am having many problema forgiving, each time i do the forgiving exercises i feel much resistance, i really dont feel like doing it, and the times i manage to do it i feel very bad afterwards,even kind of sick, not sure if this is the exercise working and removing bad energy away from me, or if the forgiving exercises are not working at all.What do you think?Has anyone felt this way while doing the forgiving exercises?

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  • Continued or active of forgiveness will also weed out the sick feelings.  It's just the body processing bound-up, discordant energies which get trapped in your vibration, but once you start healing them, the feelings improve.

  • very true 

  • Exactly 

  • Important and useful insight Sir Neil!

  • It could be doubt. The mind gets used to thinking a certain way, and when you are in a habit of resenting and being angry at someone, this becomes your main way if thinking and feeling. So much so, that when you start to change it, the mind can feel uncomfortable for a time, and that is when doubts and resistance crop up. These feel uncomfortable, but with any spiritual process, they start to feel better and more normal the more you practice them: a bit like breaking in a new pair of trainers you have just bought. After a while, they mould to the shape of your feet and feel comfortable, and so your mind also moulds and readjusts to the new, forgiveness energies you are giving out as well. As you gently persist with your forgiveness activities each day, they will start to feel more normal and be more effective.
  • I'm not sure what the whole idea behind this is, but some things I think about forgiveness:

    1. Forgiveness is about you moving on, I believe. It means not letting what someone else did stop you from being as happy as you can be. It's about YOU, not the other person.

    2. I don't think it means you have to be that person's friend or trust them again or let them into your life, or wish the best for them. I mean, sometimes you have to get away from them to be safe. Sometimes they don't deserve good things because they are wrong.

    Maybe feeling badly means you know that they didn't do right by you. You know that it wasn't okay, so it feels wrong to excuse them. Heal yourself from the effects from what they did. Don't let them stop you from living a full life. In some cases, it's totally normal and correct to feel angry at someone for doing something to you, so I don't think that's wrong. Just don't let the negative energy overturn your life, because you deserve better.

    But I'm glad if you're feeling better. :)

  • I would start with loving yourself. Do mirror work and say "I love myself" throughout the day. When you will start loving yourself unconditionally, others will be a piece of cake.

  • Thanks for your reply. I am meditating and asking the universe for help. It is gettig easier to forgive and u can feel a change in my energy for the better, i was the first days when i started doing the exercise i was feeling wierd as mu energy was changing.
    As louis says in the book, sometimes when you are trying to give up some resistance things seem to go worst for a while and it is just the energy changing
  • As per law of attraction we get back what we are
    We all are one with universe so we r nobdy to forgive anyone
    Still we have to let go bitter memories n forgive

    U can here decide for once if u want ur self to be cleaned up with this bitter feelig
    Cos u might attract from somewhere again

    What the other person does is his job and he is recipient of se
    U r for urself
    U can choose only what u want to feel
    U can b aware of ur feelings
    Meditations too can help
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