Good day to you. All over this wonderful planet Earth there are children who are allowed to be born who are setting new paradigms in all areas. Some of these who are allowed to come through are called Indigo Children.These children have a decidedly remarkable DNA structure. Call it a Quantum cellular structure, which by the way, is available to all.Lee Carrol, who Channel KRYON tells about these children in this video. I think this video may brings tears of joy to you.Love and Gratitude,Cheiro

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  • Oh yes, Flowerpatch, I too believe that books have an energy about them. I think that the energy is really the energy work that we do which brings us to the books that seemingly jump off the shelf into our hands.

    Books also come to us via the spoken word. We hear of a book and it strikes a vibrational match with us at that moment and as we listen to our "still small voice," we act on the urge to go and purchase the book, and is that not called inspired action?

    Thanks, Flowerpatch, for you response. Glad you liked the Video from Lee Carrol. Did you know that Lee channels the Angel KRYON?
    • Hi Cheiro, as i often find myself attracted to certain books, so am I attracted to your posts! :)

      I don't know much about channeling and angels though I have listened to Abraham-Hicks with a friend. I found it very interesting at the time, but also felt perhaps Abraham was something they created, rather than something real.

      I would love to hear more! :)

      Flowerpatch ox
    • Goof for you, Flowerpatch that you would love to hear more. Concerning Abraham, KRYON, TERAH, and even SETH who was channeled by Jane Roberts a number of years ago they all had something in common. They spoke about complicated subjects with such expertise that it could not have come from something "they created" and I use that to mean from their conscious mind. They did, do not channel their own conscious ideas.

      If you have ever read Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life, it is evident that Louise got some help from her Higher-Self. Yes, we can channel our Higher-Self or channel someone like, say, Einstein as an example.

      There is such a striking difference between Esther Hicks and Abraham. Abraham, a combination of a group of non physical beings, and it seems as if they each, when they speak have a different approach in the way they speak.

      If you would like to have some first hand experience in this you might want to tune in the Law of Attraction Radio Station of Appreciation on the Internet.

      At SER they broadcast a lot of programs with those that Channel non Physical entities. And you ought to know too that you have probably at some time in your life got some assistance from your Higher-Self.

      We can Channel our Higher-Self either by voice or by writing.

      There is a book that you might be interested in as well. It deals with Channeling and it is by two remarkable people, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. The title of the book is: Opening To Channel, How to Connect with Your Guide.

      I think that your interest in this may be coming from some "prodding" rom your Higher-Self. You know, there a many young people from birth to about 25 years of age who have come into this Physical Experience who have a new improved consciousness or maybe I ought to say, improved DNA. There are some of these young people right here on PI Forums. They express themselves on a much higher level than their predecessors had/have.

      I hope you enjoyed this information. If you get a chance, give a listen to SER and see what you think.

      You are appreciated, Cheiro
    • Hi Cheiro! Wow, thank you for your post! I have heard of the radio station, in fact, about three weeks ago and had trouble getting it to come in. Perhaps the timing was off! I will try again tomorrow and will definitely check out the books. I have definitely had help from higher powers. Now this may seem crazy, but once I was helped by several of my loved ones who had passed to get a comb out of my very tangled hair. (will explain another time!)

      I am happy to check this out and am thankful to you for providing a path for me!

      Love and hugs, Flowerpatch, aka Cheryl
    • Love and hugs back to you as well, Cheryl.

      You probably already have figured it out that You Are a Lightworker. And, it does not sound "crazy" at all that your loved ones are around you and sometimes assisting like the help they gave with the tangled hair.

      Yes, I think if you work it out with your computer to get to work you will not be disappointed. Remember that you are a magnificent being.

      Love and gratitude, Cheiro
  • Cheiro, Very interesting stuff. My absolute favorite thing is to go to book stores that have used books and just peruse them. I have always felt that some books have an energy about them. Do you agree?
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