I have an ongoing problem, on and off.  It has been investigated by doctor and all things are normal.  Its just the way my body goes.


I cant really explain it but its a female problem, related to the female reproductive system. 


I want it to heal and never have to deal with it again anymore.


Just wanting to find out what can I say affirmation wise?


Thank you



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  • Ps. I am aware that Gregg Braden uploaded a video of a cancer patient being healed by practitioners chanting at the cancer. This may be possible but I'm yet to find anyone that will take the time out and do this for me without asking for massive amounts of cash.

  • I personally don't believe that "anything is possible" and i'll tell you why.

     One of the reasons why I came to this conclusion is because I affirmed, believed that I was healed and I acted this way for a considerable amount of time and I didn't achieve anything but more pain, torment and loss.

    No matter what I say, do or think my body doesn't heal.

    I've stared at cuts on my hand and believed that they would heal immidietely and NOTHING happened but an immense feeling of discouragement when I didn't achieve any physical results that was supposed to match my thinking as so many teachers announce.

    This philosophy makes millions of pounds and dollars for it's teachers but I'm yet to see any concrete results and even the teachers themselves absolutely fail to heal themselves with the mind even though they preach this on practically a daily basis - namingly Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer and Jerry Hicks. They all went to doctors, had surgery and Jerry died of cancer when he preached that dis-ease and age etc are all just "vibrations". All you have to do in order to heal yourself is to change the vibration of what you're currently experiencing to that what you wish to experience and "voila" you supposedly heal. Not in their case and countless other cases.

    So, yes mind influences the body - it cannot help but do so as it is all one system and mind is the governing factor but whether it can heal certain physical effects (varicose veins in my case) is beyond me.

    I don't believe that it can but that was not always my predominant thought.

    Prove to me objectively on a video that varicose veins and cancer can heal by mental suggestion or in other words BELIEF and I will certainly believe in it. Until then it is theoretical and has no solid basis and can harm many people by giving people false hope.

  • hey i would suggest you to start practicing pranayam....the antedote for all kinda ailments..

  • Danielle,


    You seem so certain in your belief that we can heal anything. It's inspiring. I too have something I've been trying to heal for months and its seemingly impossible and has been hard to manifest because its something I see everyday, the skin on my face. Looking and waiting for it to reverse has been very stressful and it hasn't gone the way I wanted it to. Should I just visualize healthy skin as it should be? 




  • Hey friend,

    I understand completely and you are not alone. You don't have to explain but please know that you can. I can relate to you. It is very tough have an ongoing issue & the doctors don't really know what's going on.. No matter what's going on know that you CAN HEAL it. This is the first step, knowing that you can heal and you are your own doctor...saying affirmations will help because healing begins with your belief structure. You can heal anything Kylie, you need to embed this in your brain by saying: I have a regenerating body. I am healthy. I am healed. SEE IT, OWN IT.

    I have to ask you: What's your diet like? What are your thoughts like? What's your habits like? How do you handle stress? Affirmations will work but we must get to the root ya know..we can keep putting bandaids on or we can really heal the root. It comes down to choice. I am only speaking from personal experience. I can tell you many things to do right now to help your body heal. BUT it takes time, it's a process. However, changing a few these things in your life..your thoughts, diet and habits and feeding the body the most living foods possible will boost your whole body immediately...ex: sprouts, chlorella, wheatgrass.

    I also recommend visualization and breathing techniques. Visualizing a healthy uterus, or endocrine system is very helpful. Print up a chart offline or buy a cheap one. Hang it on the wall, every day, every time you are down or not feeling well you  need to look at that chart visualize that area that's bothering you healthy, notice the color of the organs as well. Color is very important. This is what I like to call psychic surgery...I've been dabbling with it for a bit now and it has been very helpful to me. Also I have a group as well mostly focused on healing & empowerment. Called healing & creativity. I am here to support you, let's heal together. Big Hugs!

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