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Hi everyone - so glad to have found this place! I have a question - i'm seeking wisdom on a situation i'm working through with my family. My hubby is Belgian, and a year ago we moved from california to Antwerp, Belgium where he's from. It's been QUITE a year, and quite a struggle for us on many levels. Our children had to learn a new language and I was thrust into a culture that's really different from the relaxed atmosphere i'm used to. Immediately after our arrival, everything seemed a hundred times more difficult - even my husband has suffered from some sort of "reverse culture shock". Basically, we've decided that this place just isn't working for us as a family, and we'd like to move back to the west coast of the U.S. (Oregon would be great!). A lot has to happen for that to unfold, though - my husband would have to find a job...and for me the path has to be clear.I've noticed that since i've been working on moving forward, seeking our best good, using affirmations and manifesting - my health has begun to decline, which leads me to believe i have a lot of internal work to do.I guess, to simplify, my question is this: what affirmations or techniques would be most helpful and healing for my situation?

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  • Hi Callie,
    Just a suggestion- are you looking to take the path of least resistance by deciding you wish to go back to where you came from? is it that you have moved out of your "comfort zone" that is making things difficult for you?
    If that is the case- you will find that moving back was not the solution because what ever it was that made you move there would still need to be worked upon.
    Just release th eneed for struggle and accept the change in your mind- affirm that you are going with the flow of life instead of reisiting it. Thank God and let go- Trust that it is all happening in the divine right order.
    • well actually, the reason we're thinking about moving back is that our lifestyle is more suited to northern california/oregon. as a family, we're happier there. In some ways I believe we "forced" our move back to Belgium. I"m sure, though, that there is work for me to do while i'm still here! thank you for your help - i really appreciate it! Callie
  • I remember reading in Louise's book that when your affirmations are working you start to have ill health or some other not so great thing happen. So, I would say continue with the affirmations to get you to the US. Start to pack and give thanks for the new job, home and whatever else you see as necessary to get you home. Then after you say your affirmations and give thanks for what you have and what you know you are going to have, close your eyes and visualize yourself as already having these things. Then forget about it all and know that it is happening for you right now. The universe will move to make it come true. And, by the way, the Oregon coast is the best! Sending positive thoughts your way to get you and your family home! Patricia
    • Thank you so much - this is really helpful! i'm going to read this over and over;-) Callie
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