My current favorite Louise meditation is Anger Releasing from iTunes. I was in danger of really killing a relationship with someone because of my nasty, uncontrollable temper. I never really gave anger management much thought until I took stock of my life and realized what havoc my nasty German-Irish temper has reaped. I get so angry it feels like a cloud in my chest and I have no idea what to do with it but say unimaginable things and bang tables and stomp my feet (my wall punching, belonging breaking, picture frame smashing days are over, but that's only been the last 6 years or so). I never really gave it much thought, until I realized for real how childish and stupid it is. I just didn't know what to do with it. I've been a rage-oholic for a lot of years.I had a really BAD day a couple weeks ago. Big fight with the person I'm trying to cultivate a relationship with, because of my temper and because of the way I've been acting lately. I found myself laying in bed kicking my feet like a kid with this weight in my chest thinking how stupid I feel doing this but I have no other way of getting it out.............but terribly upset over possibly losing what little I have of Him. So I put on my iPod trying to do the Releasing Boundaries meditation, it wasn't working, so I went to iTunes, typed in "anger management" and up pops Louise. Thank the Lord. It works. It's a little silly at first but it really has helped me out. By the time you get to "Pointing Your Finger and Blowing that Person To Smithereens" your anger is pretty much dulled. I'm not saying it's a cure all, or that it will even work for everybody, but it's worth the $3.99 and 34 minutes to calm down, even temporarily.

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  • The book, You can heal your life, by Louise Hay is a book that I told my wife is one of the most important books I have ever read and continue to study now. If you get the chance to get this book it is possible that everything in your life can CHANGE for the better.

    One thing that Louise writes about, concerning dis-ease, is that in nearly every situation the person who has dis-ease also does not love them selves. Louise recommends to a person to go to a mirror and look directly into the eyes and say, "I love you. I really love you." Well, I would like to add this: I love you and I so much appreciate you." Louis suggests saying the person's name like, "Cheiro, I really love and I am grateful to you."

    You see, the words love and gratitude are exactly the same vibrations and also, two of the MOST Powerful words in the English Language.

    Thank you for Being so candid about your situation. There is no doubt that "You Can Heal Your Life."

    You are loved and appreciated, Cheiro
  • Hiya,

    This is really encouraging - I love Louise Hay...and really really pleased its working for you.

  • My husband got some news last week that he is going to be layed off due to economy/budget cuts. I too was feeling so angry. It's not a Louise Hay affirmation, but I have been focusing on this:
    I can waste time being angry, or I can spend time being grateful.

    Of course, I do believe that anger has it's place, it is after all a god-given emotion, and it can be used for positive purposes, like to bring justice and make positive changes in the world, when used in healthy ways. And we need to express it in healthy ways so that it doesn't make us sick. It's not something to repress. But after some healthy release and expression, I am now in the place of surrendering and using the affirmation I mentioned.

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