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Recently I decided to be more aware in changing and healing myself. I felt drawn to Louise and began reading You can heal your life. It has been two months now and I've been reading it of and on. I have also purchased the workbook that goes along, which I have been writing in daily.I feel the workbook helps me to stay on track in my healing. I have had moments of clarity and awareness off and on for such a long time, but they always seemed to go away. Like I had a problem staying aware. This book has truly helped me to stay on track.I had health issues and was scared of going to the doctor. I did not have insurance and just kept putting it off. But now everything in my life feels as if it's changing for the better! It did not happen over night, but it's as if once I decided to heal myself, and remained true to that thought little things began to change in my life. Even though I was and still am at times negative, it feels like the love and hope within me continues to grow and grow. It's so true what Louise says about planting a seed in your mind.While reading her books I felt what affirmations would be best for me. Every time I would begin to have a negative thought I "threw" it out with an affirmation. I also try to be aware of myself when I am negative, I try to stop and ask myself is this really what I feel within?In this last week I have seen my health improve drastically, ailments that have been bothering me for so long are beginning to simply vanish. Not only that I feel like I am actually beginning to love myself. It's like I feel this faint little energy of love coming from within.I was at the doctors office last week, and she told me she thinks I may have certain condition and referred me to an ultra sound. As she told me this, I felt this presence, like this cloud of energy above me, but within me at the same time, it's hard to explain. I was hearing the doctor speak, but it's like I wasn't exactly in my body. I felt this outpouring of love from me TO me, I heard myself saying to me I am so sorry for creating this in you, I felt this energy directly towards the ailing part of my body filled with love, just love. I just kept saying I love you and I am sorry, you are loved and the thoughts that brought you into this negative state are not true, I truly do not mean them." It's as if I just wanted to comfort this part of me.It was a great experience because I feel I connected with myself. That brings me so much comfort, and out of that comes a feeling that all will be well!I'm so glad to have found this group and truly look forward to meeting all of you! :-)

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  • This was a very powerful testimony, thank you for sharing it!

    "I just kept saying I love you and I am sorry, you are loved and the thoughts that brought you into this negative state are not true, I truly do not mean them."

    Wow, I will have to practice saying this to myself!!

    I've had some success with "How to Heal Your Life", but mostly with recent dis-ease such as a stomach ache that lasted a month and wouldn't go away. I looked up what it means in Hay's book and it said "inability to assimilate" and the affirmation was something like "I go with the flow in all areas of my life" and I did several rounds of EFT saying affirmations like "I forgive myself for wanting to keep things bottled up. It's safe to transition. I now allow myself to go with the flow...etc" And after a couple days, my stomach ache went away!

    However, I have muscle pain that has existed for over 8 years, and I haven't had much success with...yet. I will try saying what you mentioned!

    Thanks again!

    Here's to sqooshing YOUR inner critic!
  • Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. It seems like you are learning to trust and love yourself. That is so great. Sounds also like you are ready to forgive yourself which must be so freeing. Loving yourself will help you get through your situation. Sending you love and blessings !
  • When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. Zen saying Louise Hay is a wonderful teacher who radiates with light! I will be praying for you and I'm joyful for your progress and beautiful faith. When the light shines into the darkness, the darkness disappears. Shakti Gawain
  • Wonderful story - sounds like you were really and truly in touch with your Inner Being. Thanks for sharing! Louise really is great!

    You might also check out Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, too. The Hicks are friends with Louise and she is one of their greatest supporters.

    • I have had a copy of Ask and It Is Given for a long time now, and the funny thing is it's been sitting in my book shelf unread. I feel comfort when looking at the book, but have not read it. I find that all I need to do is love myself, take care of me and everything positive begins to manifest in my life. It's like when I am connected to my "true spirit" - " my higher self" what ever you want to call it, I have so much trust in the universe and everything is available to me, make sense?
    • It sure does. That's beautiful!
  • That is beautiful and wonderful! Keep it going. We all have something "programmed" within us from childhood and you never know what carries over until you begin working this way. Another group I found was the Advanced EFT and although skeptical, I feel it carries great energies.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, I totally agree that we all have something within us that we are carrying and using to continue to hurt ourselves. I sometimes catch myself being so mean to me! That a part of me cannot believe I have the thoughts that I do! I've also noticed I judge people and I don't even mean to. I never knew how much I didn't love me until I really began to pay attention to what I was thinking and what my body was telling me. I feel I have so much ahead of me and it feels like it's going to take a lot to release/change everything I believe of myself. But I like it and I look forward to it!

      Warm Regards :-)
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