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Hi everyone,I have recently started using You Can Heal Your Life in my day to day life through affirmations, etc. I have found it very helpful and life changing for me.Please share your successes here... Small ones too :) They are all signs of growth.Cheers,Janelle

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  • Thanks Vee for your inspiration. It is so amazing how other people change, when we change our thoughts, words and beliefs. I have had huge shifts from using You Can Heal your life, and it has shaken up my life. Like Louise said, things are beginning to move. I am also practicing saying "I love and approve of myself" throughout the day.

    Thanks Jim for your story. Its great that you have excellent health and are free of your cat-allergy. The law of attraction is very exciting.
  • My success has been that I have been healthy and full of energy. It is not a mattter of me curing something because I am fortunate to have excellent health and I appreciate it every day. Oh yeah, I have also cured my allergies to cats.
  • Hi Janelle,
    welcome to the louise hay group!
    to share my success with affirmations based on Louise's book, I have healed an aching knee, acidity and migraines that I used to chronically sufffer from.

    Her affirmation that works most for me is " I love and approve of myself" I do this one daily, early in the morning and that kind of sets the tone for the day, I also add- "Thank you for my healthy body and everything that is happening in my life".

    A happy side effect of "I love and approve of myself" has done away with people who would always critisize me no matter what I did. they have all gone away and now I have people who always tell me how good I am at what I do, how creative and talented I am.. :)
    But let me add- this was not an overnight change, it did take weeks of affirming and reinforcing that belief, for it to come into being.
    I am grateful to Louise for writing this book. It has certainly changed my life.
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