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Hi! Just wanted to share how one of the "Heal Your Life" exercises worked for me.  Louise Hay recommends that if you need to forgive someone, imagine that person on a stage with good things happening to them.  Things that that person would want.  Then imagine yourself on the stage and good things happening to you.  I imagined my father on the stage and him winning large sums of money gambling and surrounded by his loved ones and friends.  It was really fun and I was actually laughing while doing so. The next day or the day after he won $5000!  He gave me $100.


I did this again a few days later.  Also have been smelling money and saying the affirmation "I have a tremendous amount of money.  and I am one with a tremendous amount of money. (as per Carole Dore) This morning when I heard him get up, I followed a hunch to go talk to him.  Which I NEVER really want to do....He said "Oh, I need to talk to you...Do you need any money for Christmas shopping?"  I said yes and he asked me how much.  Something told me not to be cheap (normally I would have only said $100)  I said $200 and he gave it to me just like that.


Love and light,



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  • lol...i hear ya...

  • I am unsure how to do the same with someone who costed me a ton of money, so wishing them money....well to pay me? Would be nice...

  • Very Happy to hear that, Magda!
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