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I have octogenerian relative who said some things to me which she should have well avoided.This happened in Aug 2009.Earlier in 2002 she said it to me too.

After much of brooding and sulking I decided to let  go and forget about it.I know I must have hurt myself in the process.

Should I visit her again or not ?Should I maintain a safe distance from her just to protect my energy ?

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  • Hi,
    If she said the same things to you to you on both occasions and they had the power to trigger you in some way, then u need to pay attention to what she said, and work on those issues; or you need to look for ways in which you invite criticism or being hurt and or insulted and work on eliminating that from your system.
    When you have healed that part of you, you will find that this person will not affect you in anyway or will leave your life........
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