undiagnose disease

I got sick in April of 2004. I started having allergic reactions. With each reaction it got worst. I was on steriods for over two years. This end up shutting down my adrenal glands. I was placed on cortisol and remain on it. No doctor could ever could fiquire out what cause this. I have been diagnosis with fibromylgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I still have allergic reactions and I never know what I will be allergic to next. I have been on the ventilator several times. My health problems caused me to not be able to nurse. I went from being a health person to a person with so many health issues. I had my heart rate drop into the 20s and was paced. I went into complete acute renal failure. I had pneumonia and got MRSA from being in the hospital. I would like if anyone know of a specialist that deals with mystery disease. I have try so many natural things and seen so many doctors. I just want to get well. So I can go back and help others. If you have any Ideals please let me know.

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  • I believe in seeing the positive. You are healthier each and everyday. I do see that Dr. Wayne Dyer is going to see Dr. Deepok Chopra in his special clinic because of a health issue he has. He remains positive and will listen to what Deepok Chopra finds. I think positive outlook along with alternative healing works wonders, See if you can get a message to an alternative healer(doctor) and maybe get another diagnosis. I had a mother in law who was taking over 12 medications. When she got very sick with High blood pressure and stroke an alternative doctor took her off all meds but bloodpressure and changed her diet etc...much better and it will happen for you also. Quit believing in the negative! THINK POSITIVE!

  • Good morning........See yourself as perfectly whole.........focus on being well, as we attract more of what we give our energy, focus, and attention to........
    Come into perfect harmony with source love and light.......all knowing.......omnipresence......omnipotent.............see it, believe it, achieve it!!
    To add to that.........eat pure whole foods...........remove resistance including any one or anything that is in your life that no longer serves your divine purpose................

    As Louise Hay would say.......look for the gifts to practice what you teach to others............it will make you a stronger, more sensitive practitioner..........you can do it.........heal your life.............see what you want and give yourself to it entirely!!
    love, healing.........Deborah
  • hi,

    maybe you should just focus on being well. Do not try to label or identify the disease as that way you will be focusing on the disease. so when ever you do your affirmations and visualizations, just visualize a state of perfect health. and write out some of your own afftrmations such as "Everyday and in every way I am getting better and better, I am healing on all levels and I am now in perfect health.'
    hope this helps
    love and god bless.
    happy healing
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