I'd like to be able to consistantly start threads around many topics and focus on affirmations for daily self-care as well. Making this one a general thread where we may even write what's going on and then show others which one's we are going to chose that mean the opposite of what's going on or relieves our fears and put them at the bottom.

*for example for me today*

Something's going on in regards to a relationship. I'm feeling very angry and frustrated and suspect a man of being manipulative, dishonest, and so it's bringing up a lot of fears around love in general and trust of dating/committment/men.

My affirmation that might feel best is:

"Men do love me, they want a committed relationship with me!"

"I am very very lovable and desirable as a committed partner."

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  • "The universe always keeps me safe at all times"

    "All people I encounter always love and respect me"

    "Money flows to me very often and freely no matter what I do or don't do!"

    "All of my needs get met at all times by the universe easily."

    "I always have easy internet access wherever I live."

    "My body can and does continually heal and renew itself easily."

    "I am always safe no matter where I go."

    "I'm a good person and people appreciate my great qualities at all times"

    "Animals love me at all times."

    "People I encounter are reassuring, nurturing and compassionate when I feel down."

  • all is well, i trust in the universe to keep me safe xx

  • "My life is full of fun, adventure, joy, ease and excitement."

    THAT is my one for today, I think :-) 

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