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  • Hello starrykitten!
    I know exactly how you feel because I tend to feel guilty relatively easily too which is distressing because guilt and self-blame are the opposite of self-love, and without self-love we tend to resist allowing good things to happen to us.

    To quote Louise Hay: "Little babies love every inch of their bodies. They have no guilt, no shame, and no comparison. You were like that, and then somewhere along the line you listened to others who told you that you were “not good enough.” You began to criticize your body, thinking perhaps that that’s where your flaws were."(1)


    Guilt stems from a belief that we are not good enough, or that we are not worthy of praise. We often think we don't deserve anything we've been given. For example, receiving gifts makes me depressed because I feel guilty and I tell myself I don't deserve it! But know that you must be such a good person that you constantly torment yourself with guilt, you have so much conscience. Realize that you are perfect with your imperfections, as we all are imperfect. Realize that God and the universe LOVE you, they brought you LOA so that you can begin to transform your world and allow good things to happen to you. You are worthy of good things, you are worthy of love, abundance, and joy. I know how hard it is to convince yourself of this but I believe you can do it, affirmations will be your keys to freedom.


    Some affirmations you may repeat are:

    - "There is no blame -I release the need to blame anyone, including myself.
    We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have." (2)

    - Even though I feel like I should be guilty, I choose to love and accept myself anyway

    - I am OK and it is safe for me to forgive myself
    - I am learning and improving everyday, I am patient with myself, I love myself and accept myself as I am
    - I let go and release any self-blame or guilt, I don't need those feelings anymore, I can let them go

    - Today, I choose to lovingly accept myself as I am and I choose to compliment myself and give myself credit for the good things I do

    - I release and let go of all self-criticism
    - I forgive myself for being so hard on myself

    - I am good enough, always been good enough, and I do my best; hence I am deserving of good things and joy

    - I completely love and accept myself as I am


    I hope this helps :)

    Peace and blessings to you




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