Who I am

I am a beautiful divine expression of life. I love, accept, and approve of myself where I am right now. I am wonderful. I am infinite and eternal. I am love manifested. I align my thought to love throughout my day and love is returned to me constantly. I am create peace in my mind which reflects to me in creation. I am always learning and expanding. I am perfect the way I am and I am safe.

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  • I am unique. I am loving. I am not like anybody else you'll ever meet. I am a half grown kid. I am his little princess. I am smart. I am capable. I am hard working. People love me. I am surrounded by people who only want the best for me. I am independent.
  • I am worthy. I deserve it. I am happy. I am brave. I am fearless. There is nothing I can't do. I am smart. I am pretty. I am independent. I CAN.
  • Michael, very nice affirmation, is it one you wrote for yourself? I have copied it for myself. Thank you
  • I love myself. Self affirmations have affirmed my love for myself, and I am very happy. I feel so lucky. Thank you Louise, and thank you Michael. I love your daily emails.
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