• Sadly I left them behind at a house in a country I thought I would return to, but never did :P so now I am really missing them, I think they can be very useful, it is one thing to say the affirmations, but to me there is something special about holding the cards and really taking it in, reading it over and over again. The design is really pretty, too :)

    I might buy them again, when I have some extra cash.
  • I recently purchased them for ten dollars on Amazon. Each day I sit with them and have to say they are so beautiful and so inspiring.

    Each one has a special message on one side and then on the back it goes a little deeper with the same message. The images are so colorful and glorious. I find each and every card to be a treasure. The messages are just as you would expect from Louise!

    Aside from the 16 dollars I spent on her movie and the 18 on her book, this was the best ten dollar investment I ever made! Go for it!

    Love, Flowerpatch
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