Working with Louise Hay books - having a partner

Hi there,

I am new in this community - but know and appreciate Louise's books very much.

My problem: how does that fit - into a relationship? - if that person does not want

to share those thoughts. ?

In generell, I find all - books/advice for a better life / changes

never include or mention a partner.

Is it - that it does not apply in a relationship?

It seems so.

And I wonder in general HOW to apply my knew knowledge in the normal world.

Rather never mention it?


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  • OK not wanting to quote too much of Louise Hay's latest book here BUT here are two:
    I have a wonderful lover & we are both happy & at peace
    (you could if you WANTED to change that to partner, hubby, wife, girlfriend etc.)
  • There ARE some affirmations in some of her books on relationships.
    My hubby doesn't really know this stuff - though he's said a few things that were quite LOA so maybe he kinda does?
    Often things that have manifested have been for both of us & when one of us gets something we want, the other benefits.
    How about:
    My partner supports my dreams & I support theirs and we have a happy, healthy loving relationship full of job, bliss, health and abundance.
    (I just made that one up)
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