• Hi Ari and Gary,

    I loved it too and was absolutely ECSTATIC when one of our local television stations broadcast it on a Sunday afternoon a little while ago. I happened to be be channel surfing and came across it - Divine providence at work again! I have the DVD but was so happy to realise that human consciousness has been raised to such a point that a commercial station would actually broadcast it, and so very grateful that the universe was providing more opportunities for spiritual growth and freedom on a larger scale. I am so thankful for Louise ... for coming into my life through sharing her loving wisdom and blessing so many others, helping them to find the truth of their reality and power!

    Thank you Gary, what a great idea!! My Mum is coming for a visit next week and I am going to give her a copy of Abraham's LOA but now I will also share the video with her. I think it will be easier for her to accept in the first instance.

    Love and Light,
  • Hi Ari,

    I loved it, too! As I mentioned in my most recent blog post, I realized that the reason I couldn't go through with my wedding a couple of years ago was because I didn't love myself enough to believe that I deserved love from others, or to lead a joy-filled life. Once I came to that realization I was guided to Louise's book, and then to her movie. That movie has been very instrumental in helping me learn how to love and accept myself.

    Also, my mother has been dealing with issues of depression in recent months, and much of it stems from her belief that she has been a failure for much of her life. I encouraged her to sit down and watch Louise's movie with me one evening, and further encouraged her to start using some of the affirmations Louise suggests. I have seen a dramatic improvement in her attitdue towards herself and towards life ever since.

    On another note, I want to thank you again for putting together I have been encouraging all of my friends and family to join me in being a part of such a wonderful blessing - to give freely with love.

    Much love,

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