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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! I started reading You Can Heal Your Life a few weeks ago. I've been trying to read a chapter every few days. I LOVE this book! My mom also has the movie and I also love it! I think Louise is amazing and so inspiring.

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Love, Feeling Stuck, LOA and EFT

Love has not been working for me the way it is described in any of the self help books I have owned. I have done the affirmations from Louise Hays books for years, with small results, especially the one of looking in the mirror and saying I love and

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Power Thought Cards

I am going to post a new Power Thought from Louise's deck of Power Thought cards everyday for the next 64 days (that's how many cards are in the deck!~) Enjoy!"I Trust the Process of Life":.........There is rhythm and flow to Life, and I am part of i

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You Can Heal your Body

This information is taken from Louise Hay's book: "Heal your Body".........Page 7 Replacing Old Patterns:In order to permanently eliminate a condition, we must first work to dissolve the mental cause. But most often, since we don't know what the caus

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