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Back pain

Hello all--

I've been dealing with back pain for a while, but it's gotten much worse recently.  I was just reading some of Louise's comments on back pain. One of them was that back pain can be caused by fear of money. I found that interesting because

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Success Story

Hi! Just wanted to share how one of the "Heal Your Life" exercises worked for me.  Louise Hay recommends that if you need to forgive someone, imagine that person on a stage with good things happening to them.  Things that that person would want.  The

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Advice please: this book is hard on me

I've been reading my head off the past year about the conscious/unconscious and changing patterns. I've read some really great things, have made progress in my life thanks to good books.

I really thought I knew something about myself, until I started

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Tell me

I have octogenerian relative who said some things to me which she should have well avoided.This happened in Aug 2009.Earlier in 2002 she said it to me too.

After much of brooding and sulking I decided to let  go and forget about it.I know I must have

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