Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher and the bestselling author of 27 books, including "You Can Heal your Life" In this forum I would like to discuss her teachings.
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  • I have found that affirmations are definitely life-changing! I was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. I met with a minister who practices kinesiology asking the subconscious questions. We then find the affirmation that I need to work on that week and I have to practice it for a certain number of days. I have let go of my abusive boyfriend, am less stressed, full of light and look forward to whatever each day has to bring.
  • Louise Hay and Yoga have changed my life 180 degrees in a better direction.
  • can some one tell me how to command anger?
    cos luis hay book you can heal say if are anger you got flue
    and i got very bad flue and now it not go a way, it star again and again
    and i cant go work
  • What a beautiful intention..........back to you my beauty! xoDeborah
  • I am going to see Louise Hay in NYC for the first time on OCT 4. Anybody ever see her speak
  • Remenber though, we can recite affitmations until we are blue, but it is the feeling we emit while affirming our desire that acually creates the reality. "The Law Of Attraction" responds to feeling and emotion. If you are thinking or saying I am good, while feeling negative or insecure, you will attract negative conditions. Put yourself in a joyful place of gratitude. Find something about you dancing that makes you feel enthusiastic, then meditate on your affirmations while being positive and encouraged.
  • You Can create an affirmation for mjust about anything from bad breath to winning lotto, overcoming chronic diherrhea, to finding a ncompetent lover. Affirmations are just Affirming to result of your desire to be true. Let's see,,, bad dancer,,, " As I work toward my passion of the art of dancing i see my skills improving daily, my committment and diligence are yielding my the result of perfection. I am a good dancer and talented atrist as divine spirit flows with my every move. I am gratful for the ispiration I receive from Source, and continue to share my art for the enjoyment of many. Peole love to come and see me dance".
  • I was really shocked at how closely her books describe my life and what I am going through. I have been reading everything she has written so far.
  • This is a What Would Hay's Do? Question. So, there are affirmations for acne, affirmations for alcoholism, affirmations for throat problems..Are there affirmations for bad dancers? I feel like my limiting belief is that people are all watching & judging me & my past has told me that I am a less than a good dancer (this is club dancing by the way, nothing fancy). I want to be able to dance without inhibitions, but the reality is that I DO have inhibitions & my negative gremlin comes out every time & instead of enjoying myself I only sortof dance, but not really...SO What Do You Think Hays Would Do? :-)

    Thank U All !!!
  • I found out how much a person can do to help themselve and trough Louise book have I found so many answers. Can we other then love it.. If we take responsibility for us... And put fear away.. Hug Nina
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Where to discuss Louise Hay teachings 1 on 1 with people

Hi, I've been working on Louise Hay methods but I feel the need to discuss regarding the same with someone where I can have a conversation rather than just creating a post and then people replying back after several days (by then you lose the momentum).Is there any other site where there might be a chatroom for only Louise hay related stuff. I would very much appreciate if someone would like to discuss the same 1 on 1 on Powerful Intentions.

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I feel very bad every time i forgive someone

Hi,I am trying ti heal my life with louis book you can heal your life.I am having many problema forgiving, each time i do the forgiving exercises i feel much resistance, i really dont feel like doing it, and the times i manage to do it i feel very bad afterwards,even kind of sick, not sure if this is the exercise working and removing bad energy away from me, or if the forgiving exercises are not working at all.What do you think?Has anyone felt this way while doing the forgiving exercises?

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