Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher and the bestselling author of 27 books, including "You Can Heal your Life" In this forum I would like to discuss her teachings.
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  • Truly looking forward to learning all about this concept.

  • Hi everyone,So what is the message of Lousie Hay for life heeling?

  • I am game. I have a couple book clubs on Facebook.  One is for spiritual empowerment


    We could make it a book that we read and discuss together?

    Facebook Groups
    Living Beyond Limiting Beliefs Book Club has 8 members. par·a·digm (pr-dm, -dm) 1. One that serves as a pattern or model. 2. A set or list of all th…
  • i am with u on this journey Tami :)

  • I LOVE the teachings of Louise L. Hay! She has great insight and makes such sense. Her book, "You Can Heal Your Life" is a MUST read!

    My thinking and my Blog go right along with her principles...stop on by for some weekly "Positive Goodness"!


    "Join the Blog...Feel the Power"

  • I'm reading this book for the third time now and I'm finally ready to embrace her teachings :) Is anyone willing to go on the journey with me?

  • I am currently studying Louise Hay's book "you can heal your life". I like what i read here.

    A few days ago, it was my birthday. The night before my birthday, i was majorly depressed. i thought to myself that at 35, i was a major failure in life.

    I then took up this book and started reading from where i had left - a topic that said "self criticism is totally missing the mark" - I repeatedly said an affirmation she mentioned in the book - "I am willing to release the pattern within me that is creating this condition (despondency)". I said this affirmation, slowly and consiously. As i said this, i felt a great pain in both my knees. (I off late i had a minor pain in my knee occasionally but i did not take it seriously). as i kept repeating the affirmation, the pain kept increasing. I realised that it was my body releasing all the negativity, stubborness, ego etc. somehow, i felt good.

    About 5 minutes later, my husband came to the bedroom with a beautiful bouqet of flowers (as it was midnight and officially my birthday)- i was soooooooo happy as this was a big surpise. It was totally unexpected behaviour from my husband. so yes, indeed my despondancy vanished immediately!.

  • My Income is constantly increasing.

  • Thanx for sharing!
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Where to discuss Louise Hay teachings 1 on 1 with people

Hi, I've been working on Louise Hay methods but I feel the need to discuss regarding the same with someone where I can have a conversation rather than just creating a post and then people replying back after several days (by then you lose the momentum).Is there any other site where there might be a chatroom for only Louise hay related stuff. I would very much appreciate if someone would like to discuss the same 1 on 1 on Powerful Intentions.

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I feel very bad every time i forgive someone

Hi,I am trying ti heal my life with louis book you can heal your life.I am having many problema forgiving, each time i do the forgiving exercises i feel much resistance, i really dont feel like doing it, and the times i manage to do it i feel very bad afterwards,even kind of sick, not sure if this is the exercise working and removing bad energy away from me, or if the forgiving exercises are not working at all.What do you think?Has anyone felt this way while doing the forgiving exercises?

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