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  • I have great manifestation experience of something that I wnated after i started sending love. This topic is very intriguing for me. And the feeling of sending love is beautiful...

  • Whatever you desire, affirm in advance that you love it. Say what you love about it until you feel excited about its impending manifestation. Then you will draw it to you like a magnet. That is what is known as LOVING IT INTO BEING.
  • NOW God sings( not the artist )
    Shine It All Around
    Check THAT out in Your *time-space !
  • God appears as the Surround... in fact... THAT is Love.

    The Surround is consciousness.
    WE are the least of Her.
    i am the least of YOU
    i am not a poet( safe language )

    i report the SEEN with ordinary functional senses... the real Soul.

    i wont be writing any book$.
    Selling God is filth.

    dont faint.
  • Wow--mine is the first comment!

    Hello--my name is Christine. I just wanted to say that I am always open to receiving friend requests from fellow group members.

    If you are so inclined--please be sure to send me one! (Please just make sure to mention that you are a fellow member of this group--and I will be sure to accept it!!)

    wishing you abundance and happiness,
  • good vibes
  • Thank you, Lacey. YOu too!
    KNOW THIS! :] & <3
  • Brianne it is time for you to move on and leave your heart open for a person to come into you life who will value you and respect you without conditions or controlling behaviour. Be happy in the light of your own worth and love yourself unconditionally. Once you let go completely of the past relationship, things will start to happen in the most unexpected ways..Hugs H
  • I have a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate tomorrow ^^
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A Controversial Note from the Author; Klaus Joehle

A Controversial Note from the AuthorThis is my opinion, take what you like and leave the rest.It seems for as long as we have been on this planet we have found a way to destroy ourselves. We go to war and kill others by the thousands. We attack those who seem weaker than us and take what they have. We will and have killed others for what we want and even have been killed in the attempt. Half the world seems to be reasonably at peace while the other half is raging in war. Even when we try to…

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how to fall out of love????

Hi all:So here I am, I have tried to move on, I have moved out of my home and into an apartment just to try to heal and nothing and I do mean nothing is working.. I still feel as if a huge part of me is missing.. We just emailed each other after a long stint of silence, dummy me wrote him my new address and that I still thought of him, I looked at my email everyday for a month and nothing was said..I finally thought ok he has moved on and I need to do the same there is nothing left.. I moved a…

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Love in the Military

Love in the military, I believe, is the strongest love of all. What do I mean?A civilian marrying/loving a soldier. There is no stronger love than that, because of the distance and time, not being able to hold them every night, and then comming together loving each other the same way as if they saw each other every day. It's a blessed act of love to love a soldier, and to be loved by one.I am so grateful to experience this every single day.

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Soul Mate

What does anyone know about soul mates. I have been told I have mine in my life right now, someone I've already spent several lives with and I am destined to be with in this life. I feel this but the negativity that surrounds his life is so strong, I have a very difficult time staying positive in his presence. I am willing to be strong but am having difficulty keeping negative thoughts from entering some days. It can be so difficult...any thoughts?I am grateful for your responses.Love, Betty :)

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