On the 13th May , i chose to light a candle and thinkof everyone sending love and thanks, i wish to send love and peace to all mankind . Join me, lets create something magical XxxxX
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  • Sorry, but I can't post here since I still live in Saudi Arabia and this is killing me !

    I'm tired here !
    I wish the King can here me now !!!

    I need to talk to him !
  • May there be peace, love, joy happiness, contentment, compassion, financial security,generosity,generated throughout the community,throughout the universe, throughout the world.
  • anyone lives in the uk, saw theres going to be a world peace fete in a village near me.
    i'll post up some more information for anyone thats interested in going

  • welcome to the new members in this group
    i open my arms with love.
    together we shall make this happen

    love now and forever in my heart always

  • love and peace you all , have a wonderful fulfilled day and many more to come

  • love and peace you all , have a wonderful fulfilled day and many more to come

  • Thank you for adding me as a friend. So much warmth from so many people. I have never woke up in anticipation of life and with smiles and songs in my heart since I have met the people in these sites.

    Thank you and I like what Lisa says, Smiles,
  • Thank You
  • Hi There,
    I was surpirsed to see my Mayan Symbol displaying on your website
    I will take that a compliment that you really appreciate my work.
    I created that in 2004 and it was copyrighted in 2007 it is a very sacred symbol that holds the energies of the higher realms and ancient teachings
  • Thanks for the invite THG... I'm in for sure.

    Remember... in the words of the great peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi:

    "Be the change you want to see in the world."

    It all starts with each and every one of us.

    Peace and Bright Blessings,
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world peace

i was on my way back home, saw somes signup for a world peace fete that was going to be held at the budhist centre..so .. its happening... more and more people are becomming aware of it.Keep spreading the word,,,lighting candles and sending love and peace to everyone,we will make this happenlove to you allXxxxX

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Inner child

Free your mind completely, flowing from the rivers power. Feel you spirit return.Let your inner being be at one with the universe when it cries for you to be discovered.Let the energy burn so bright it craves for more and more as the caged door becomes open letting you freedom rise.Reach out and play in the gardens of the world.Let your inner child feel the freedom that’s desired.Let your inner child feel warmth of souls around.Take those wings my child, Learn to fly againFollow your heart my…

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