Sharing personal experiences involving synchronicity, physics-defying events, and little everyday miracles. There is magic happening all around us at every moment, and once-in-a-while we are able to witness it!Which Topic Suits You?
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  • did glad am here and happy to see myself in the magical world
  • It has been a while since i've said hello to everyone!
    Valdora, i am familiar with dr. Emoto's work, though i've never purchased any of his books.I Love his research, and bless water all of the time thanks to him.
  • Hi Sage have just finished reading a couple of books thought you might be interested or you may have allready read them, lots of interesting things in them even about manifesting weather, also not to long once you start reading you cant put them down "The True Power of Water" by Masaru Emoto and "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto. Love and Gratitude, Valdora.
  • hi Valdora! Nice to hear from you.
    Yes i understand where you are coming from. I have now come to understand a few important things from my spiral away from allowing and goodness.
    I have come to understand the following:
    *These moments of "tested faith" are a gift.
    *As we move to a higher state of existence - into a happier life - emotions that were regular and common affect us more heavily than they used to.
    *Instead of beating ourselves up for "slipping", it serves us to realize that simply being aware of what is happening will serve as momentum to continue the uplifting journey of enlightenment!

    I have never felt so consistently happy, Valdora, and i wish the same and better for you -- and everyone else out there!

    Love You All!
  • Hey Sage havnt been here for a while too hope all is well. i have manifested our home and had negativity in my face like i have never experienced before it was make or break, i nearly broke, but it turned out to be an experience i needed to understand how things work and helped me to actually really get a grip on the meaning that there is a bigger picture and understanding how i fit in it. Have an awesome Christmas. Cheers
  • It has been a while since i have been available -- i have entered a short spiral into what they call resistance - or negativity, if you like.
    I am unsure what there is to add at this time, but i would love to hear a new topic.
    Perhaps you have recently manifested your desires? Maybe you have just realized that you are actually a multidimensional being? Maybe you have discovered the power of gratitude?
    We'd love to hear from you!
  • comeing by to say hi all
  • I want to officially welcome everyone, and ask that you take a moment to open yourself and accept the following:
    I send you Divine Light and Love, that it may flow into and fill your Being.
    I ask that you take a moment to send the same Spirit Energy
    to those that read these words.
    May you accept Divine Light and Love, that it may flow into and fill your Being.
  • Thanks for the Welcome I am excited to read some of your fascinateing story's
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My border collie who passed on, still let's us know she's around.

We lost a pet not long ago and since then we have heard her all throughout the house. Sometimes barking; sometimes coming up the stairs; sometimes slamming herself against the floor - which was a huge trait of hers. Very shortly after we saw her a few times. Just a glimpse though through the side of our eyes. It happened while we were walking our other dogs and while we were getting ready to feed them as well. Once as a quick glimpse where we said which dog is that one; while all of our alive…

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Synchronicities and Numbers.

After a short break, i was happy to return to see "32" members -- and as per Danielle's request, i'd love to hear stories about Synchronicity involving Numbers!Unmistakable coincidences that appear before us often convey the Universe's Divine messages through Numbers...* shopping receipt totals* license plates* phone numbers* etc. etc.

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Miraculous Moments With Nature

Often times it seems that we feel most connected to the Universe when we are in/with nature. During these beautiful moments we seem to vibrate at a level that's just a bit closer to Heaven... and miracles happen.If you remember something incredible that happened when in nature, or involving Mother Earth's little creatures, feel free to share your tale!

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Did i Really Just See That?!?

It's happened to everyone.Something completely ludicrous and nonsensical happens right before our eyes and just as quickly is no longer there. We find ourselves questioning our imagination, tricks of the light, and possibly our sanity for a second.We wonder if anyone else saw the same thing. We wonder if asking someone else might sound a bit "out there".This discussion is dedicated to all of those moments when something so magical and surreal takes place that we're left asking ourselves,"Did i…

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