Most of us are here to start manifesting. To create a world full of wealth, health, and love. What's the secret to attaining your desires?
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The Duality Between "Wanting" and "Having"

How do you manifest your desires? How do you gain everything you've ever wanted? Well there's many ways to try. But one many people tend to forget when they look at the world as a catalogue is enlightenment.

If we're all magnets using the Laws of Attraction and our thoughts are pulling in everything around us then no one should have any difficulty manifesting. What many people forget is that to desire beyond anything else, without regard to spirituality drains us instead of feeds us. If we only desire without enlightenment then we will always only desire. The more we lust the more we attract lust. If we only posses abundance and peace in our hearts, we will always manifest peace and abundance.

"Accept the world as it is.
If you accept the world,
the Tao will be luminous inside you
and you will return to your primal self."
-The Toa Te Ching

Our thoughts truly do manifest in front of our eyes. If we are always seeking, we will always be the seekers, not the havers. The true way to manifest abundance is to have it here and now. To be content at the center of your being with the world around you. It is not your job to do the manifesting. The Universe does that for us as long as we allow ourselves to be clear and still. Like a pool of water. If the water is rippled with waves then you cannot clearly see the bottom. If our minds are rippled with conflicting thoughts and feelings, the Universe cannot see the base of our desires. If we still the water and still our minds, we will be clear to the Universe and we will be more at peace with ourselves.

Anyone can do this; anyone can be this. Enlightenment is for everyone, not just mystics in far away lands. We are all part of the same being and we are all capable of the raw divinity that creates us. The purpose of this group is to help spread enlightenment in all its forms and therefore help others manifest their dreams and realities.

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  • Hi everyone,

    new to the group; happy to have discovered it.  Looking forward to some spiritual growth and the ability to encourage others in the future.  The question I have at the moment is how to manifest for someone else through meditation;  i.e.,  I would like to see my grandson succeed  in the chemistry class he is re-taking this summer.  


  • Wishing You, Happy Holidays and Blessing of Light and Love

  • I've been to that website before! Very useful :D
  • And yes i think there was some technical problem due to which the weblink is not appeaing in my earlier i come again....
  • Absolutely Right
  • Thank you Sameer! It also helps you with your goals and finding answers. Buddhist compare it to a clear lake. when there's too many thoughts it's similar to waves on the water; you can't see the bottom. When you still your thoughts, you can see straight through and what seemed hidden and not understandabel at the time becomes obveous.
  • There is one more Website that will be greatly helpful to all of you, This website is the best for all the beginners in meditation :

    Alethea, you are right , many people have difficulty in practicing meditation, and i suppose the reason is because they think that meditation is 'doing' whereas what I have experienced is that meditation is not 'doing' it is just 'being'. . . with the pure the present moment....where your mind expands from your physical boundaries...regains its originality "the pure self". . .well all of this takes time & regular practice.
    Alethea, thank you for creating this group, i am sure a lot of PI'ers will join soon . . .
  • I've found that a lot of people have trouble meditating. They are interested in it but don't know enough about it or how to do it. Meditation is probably one of the best tools for manifesting; clearing your mind and helping you understand yourself more clearly. It's also just plain enlightening and anyone can do it. I'll tell you my secret is to NOT try so hard to do it. Just stop trying to meditate and use some of these techniques to clam yourself down....
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Where Manifestation Comes From

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The Difference Between "Having" and "Wanting"

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