Where Manifestation Comes From

Our reality comes from our subconscience. It's the one calling all the shots. Our subconscience is the peice of us that is still omnipotent, still one with the Universe, a connection between our separation and the wholeness of all existence. Imagine being able to talk to God. Being able to knock on God's door and ask for anything you wanted. When you tap into your subconscience, bring it forward, and connect with it, you find that manifesting is just this easy. 
   When you are Enlightened, you are in touch with the part of you that is all things. Therefore all things are already a part of you and obtaining them is as easy as reaching for a glass of water in front of oyu.  Once of the ways people manifest is by becoming obsessed with something. They think about it all day every day and damage everything else by concentrating on only this thing. Of course, that will sink into your subconscience. Eventually, it will manifest. 
  BUT, if you meditate, release, and allow yourself to become enlightened, manifesting is easy and takes little effort. Once you start releasing, and once you reach enlightenment, allow anything you want to sink into you. Let it sink so deeply in that instead of it being digested into you, if is coming from you. The world is like a mirror and whatever is projected in your deepest desires, your subconscience, will manifest. 
  THis is much better than thinking that simply THINKING about what you want happens. Because in that way, your immediate thoughts don't effect you; you don't have to be afraid of them! All that will manifest is what you allow to sink into the deepest part of your being. Embrace it, hold it, and watch it appear!

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