I thought of this group for anyone who has things bottled up inside them.sometimes to move on and feel the true Love of Powerful intentions you need to vent these things and have fun too! Love you all !! come on in the waters fine! you"ll heal !!!!
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  • I probably aked but is that video clip hero's ubove in some move ? it is sad but still so steamy . Wowsers.
  • Sorry I haven't been around. Just sooooo busy. I miss you guys though. Namaste
  • "Nothing Is More Important then That You Feel Good" (Abraham-Hicks).

    Words to Live By, Committed to Memory, Recited to Yourself Often As Loudly as You Dare.
  • Where's all the good conversation's ? anyone have something to chat about ?
  • Thank you Rick...!!! por esta hermosa melodia... Roberto
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Thank you ... and

I am really grateful for this group because sometimes I need to sort things out on an emotional and thought level before I can really bring myself current with my process. I think this is an important process, elsewise, why would we dream? Anyway, a few years ago I had this desire to play the saxaphone and I knew nothing about playing wind instruments at all. I had the desire for several years and I started talking to this fellow one day and lo and behold, he gave lessons for free. Now I missed…

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Dear God

I am really struggling tonight. I don't think any person that I've ever met realizes how hard I try to meaningfully contribute in this life and I can't understand how every person and in every situation can be so darn disatisfied with all my efforts. Please, God, let something that I do or say count for something before I die.

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I am back and better!!

Took a little break to get it together. I had a lot happen this year and most of it is pretty negative and energy draining. My energy was so fragmented that I couldn't invest any positive energy in getting my life to the state that I wanted it. I was all over the place, frazzled and depressed. I was looking for employment and couldn't figure out why not one person called me. My energy and attitude was so low that I couldn't possibly have attracted a high energy employer. Once I realized how low…

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