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Are You Letting In Well-Being Today? How?

According to the Law Of Attraction and for that matter Abraham, the third stage of the law is to recieve or let in whatever you are asking for. Abraham once said "We want to get your attention by saying that no matter how bad a reality is and no matter how justified it may seem to be, none of it needs to have anything to do with your NOW. The only question we want to ask - and the only question we ever want you to try to answer , ever again - is:Am I letting in Well-being right now?Does this…

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Seek ye first the Wisdom of the Kingdom

Hello fellow enlightened beings...I am happy I attracted this forum. Looking forward tolearn alot and give alot of myself as well, for starters here is something I wrote yesterday that I would like to share..Seek ye first the wisdom of the Kingdom and everything else will be added on to you. What is the Kingdom, you might be wondering. The Kingdom is your Mind, your mental world, which you are King over. However must of us don’t realize this. We don’t “Mind our business” Our business is to…

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