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  • money comes to me easily frequently and effortlessly

  • Mantras and chants and affirmations have their good role in commanding sub consious mind which when commanded well will take you to your desire for sure.
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  • That's quite alright. I meant to say 'concentrate' on the self image you wish to project.....bloomin auto correct!
  • I would say, comment on the physical appearance and self image you wish to project (because that is the bottom line you wish to create) and then the means to get the clothes will come. I have had the experience myself, though the self image change was rather more UNconscious.

    When you put out an intention like that, energy flows towards it, and you attract everything you need for it to become your reality (provided that you are focused on it that is). Maybe you will get some money. Maybe people will buy clothes for you as presents. Maybe a modelling agency will want you to model for them, and then you get to keep the clothes afterwards. Or maybe you get an extra part in a film in which you have to look the way you want to look, and also get to keep the clothes afterwards. There are all sorts of ways.

    And better still, when you work on a self image in this way, it also has a spill over effect. Reality always follows image, so other areas of your life will start changing accordingly as well. You change the clothes you wear, and then maybe different (better) people come into your world. A new job which is more in line with how you now feel about yourself. Going out to different places.
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  • like that clip, thanks for posting.  I have 8 days to attract lots of money so i can get an appt, 

  • I LOVE MONEY and money loves me. I attract more and more money comes to me everyday! :) I am a maganet for it! Oh look at that more money in my pocket! I am financially abundant and can do anything i like! :)

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(FREE e-Book) Provides detailed info on how I've manifested nearly $1,500,000

As mentioned in the Title, I have been able to manifest nearly $1,500,000 without any physical effort on my part.In addition to other topics, the e-Book discusses the following three methods:     1) Manifesting through BELIEF (This is what I used for the $1,500,000)     2) Manifesting through the LAW of GIVING & RECEIVING     3) Manifesting through FOCUSTo view the e-Book, go to: www.WhatAmIHereToDo.com(Note: The website is free. I'm not here to sell anything or convince anyone of anything. I…

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Free LAW OF ATTRACTION AUDIO SET: Attract Money & More

Hi EveryoneI'm happy to announce that I have available a CD set about the LOA & its very powerful :-)Its 14 CDs worth of material which are about an hour each. CD 13 contains Q&A's from people who have used the CDs themselves and wanted more clarity. CD 14 is an invite to join our organization if that is your desire to do so.For now I wanted to offer you the audios if it is your desire to learn some powerful information that not many people understand, when it comes to the law of attraction.Its…

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The belief in self is the biggest power

I went through a severe sickness and am at home since April 2012. Alone, I was indeed worried about my income as my father is also aged and I am currently surviving with him on his pension. After starting self healing and meditation, I regularly visualised myself as self dependent and still at home, I have started receiving business offers. Future has to be fantastic as the Gin says, "Your wish is my command" then, why wish for less, when being God's own child we deserve the best.

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I manifested

Earlier this month, I manifested just over $5K.  I felt empowered and more than anything else, I felt truly blessed to have the resources with which to manifest that.  I so believe that I can manifest another $6K. I do need $3K before the end of this month.  I have been calling on clients and again am feeling empowered to have something that they want to hear about and are letting me in the door, calling me for appointments.  I so, so believe that I am on the edge of truly drawing it all in…

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