Money! - Found On The Ground!

I LOVE finding money on the ground!!!Those Universal Winks letting me know that I am always In The Flow of Infinite Universal Abundance!This is the thread where you can shout out your Appreciation for finding money on the ground (or, any place else!!!)Appreciating what some may consider "the little stuff"...opens the door for the Universe to deliver the BIG STUFF!!!So shout out your "Found Money" Appreciations Here!!!Bob :>)

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  • I call it the "lucky dime". Perhaps I've posted this story before, but years ago when I was still in the grips of an abusive relationship and very new to LOA. The only positive material I had to feed me was Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and a little pocket book by Deepak Chopa.

    Well, to help make a long story short, while at work (we owned a cleaning business and cleaned a restaurant chain) I'd always find money. But what struck me was every time I'd be thinking of leaving the situation I was in and starting new, I'd find a dime. After a while, I was finding them breadcrumbs. It took some time after that, but when I did finally get the strength to leave, I'd still find dimes. I was filled with so much gratitude and knowing I had "help" to create a new life.

    It's been over 15 years since that time, and yes, I still find dimes. I keep them in my pocket and a constant reminder to be true to myself, stay strong, and never forget how important it is to be grateful every day.

  • I am so grateful today because it is only now that I am experiencing the truth about the law of attraction.Infact I am a powerful money magnet now.Last sunday as I was walking down the street with my friends I saw a shining 50frs coin on the ground looking at me.Two days ago I had the same experience.I am now a very powerful money magnet.......................Thanks Thanks Thanks.
  • cHA cHING! Pennies from Heaven
    I was walking on a sidewalk, looking forward, I would have missed it, if I did not hear it!
    I heard a cling sound, like a piece of metal,or a coin! I looked down and there was a penny!

    Scientificaly, I was in the right place and time, for my walking feet to hit/kick the penny up and the penny fell on the cement making the sound.

    What are the chances of that happening? The surface area of the sidewalk, the surface area of one penny...
    The ability for a nike tennis shoe that is bulky in the front, to strike a flat little penny, that it makes a penny move in the first place...
    Well, after all, I am a money magnet, so that could happen....

    What I think, is the penny fell from the 'heavens' and was all for me, to hear it and pick it up!
    Maybe it was from my grandmother? Def. a universal wink!

    Then as I walked a few more feet, I noticed four more pennies scattered in a way, that someone could have dropped

    No one else was around, so these were for me, five cents richer, very neat experience

    ps: athena, that is great, we are finding money worth in fives, neat!
  • Nice Maya! On Friday a boy in the other class look at me and said "This is for you" and held out his hand and there was 5 pence in it. I asked his dad he shrugged didn't know anything about it and I asked the boy did he want me to mind it for him or could I keep it and he said I could keep it. That was nice!
  • I found a shinny new nickle in a parking lot. I am really thrilled to find this, I usually find pennies. so a nickel, that is neat! It was shinning in the sun, like a diamond, :) I am such a money magnet! What a fun reminder!
    • Awesome, Maya!

      You ARE a Money Magnet!!!

      Bob :>)
  • My youngest daughter finds money all the time. She says she wants a certain amount and in no time.. she walks right up to it. I've been standing next to her and didn't see it. It's like it's invisible until she feels it and reaches for it.
    She is a very powerful magnet and very aware of it too.

    It's fun finding money and I enjoy each amount.

  • I Love Those "Universal Winks"!

    Found a penny while walking on the beach today!...It astounds me that with the miles and miles of beach and all of the shells...that we attracted each other...and it wasn't like I was "looking" for a penny!

    And as we continued to daughter found another penny!...this one was well worn by the water and sand...very it had been in the elements for quite a while...

    YES!!!...I AM a Money Magnet!...Thank You!...Thank You!!!...Thank You!!!!!

    Abundance Abounds!!!

    Bob :>)
  • Found a shiny penny on the ground while I was filling up my car with gas!

    I AM a Money Magnet!!!...Thank You!...Thank You!!!...THANK YOU!!!!!

    Bob :>)
  • Had an Amazing Afternoon with my son...

    Rode our bikes along the beach...stopped and sat for awhile and enJOYed the gorgeous gulf...

    Stopped for lunch at our favorite shrimp place...was getting out of the booth when we were leaving and down on the ground was a...

    Shiny Dime!!!...YES! YES!!! YES!!!!! I AM a Money Magnet!!!...Thank You!...Thank You!!!...Thank You!!!!!

    Haven't found money on the ground for a while...I'm Appreciating BIG TIME!!!

    Bob :>)
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