I Won The Lottery!!!

I really enJOY playing a buck or two on the Mega Millions Game!...and I Won Yesterday!!!I won $3!!!WoooooooHoooooooo!!!...I AM a Money Magnet!!!...Thank You!...Thank You!!!...Thank You!!!!!I am standing in the Flow of Universal Abundance!!!...and Allowing It to Flow over me!!!Yes!...YES!!!...YES!!!!!!!Bob :>)You Wallet Will Say, "Thank You!"...

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  • Did it again!!!

    I won the Powerball Lottery!!!...Well, Had the PB number + one number...Good for 8 bucks!!!...

    Life is GREAT!!!...

    Love those Universal Winks!!!...Abundance Abounds!!!

    Bob :>)
    • That is FANTASTIC!!!! Love it! If anyone hasn't already, get your hands on "Money, and the Law of Attraction...Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness." by Abraham-Hicks. It's an eye opener and really hones in on the "how's" to attract more of the good stuff into your life. And remember, it's more then just reading and wishing, you have to believe it in your very being that you have already achieved it. Like Abraham say's, "You have to believe it before you see it."

  • I wish to win the lottery too! Seeing your win has given me inspiration to play and believe that I can win and with that winning I am going to do many great things! Thank you and congrats! The next time I post it will be when I win the lottery!
  • Bob,
    I am very new to this whole money thing.
    I have always lived with a poverty mindset so this all seems so exciting and new to me so to you all who have been doing it for some time now might find my replys to be a little childish maybe. But I just read that you won the lottery and I had to let you know I think that is the coolest thing Congrats!!!You really do rock!!
  • Oh God! Very good!!! Congratulation!!!
    Today you was my inspiration to continue playing in the Lotto...........
    I'm very happy for you and I'm very happy for my hope, expectation and agree that I can too....rss.... :)
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your words.
    Nice week for you.
  • Wow congratulations
    I am trying to win the lotto since I first watched The Secret ... and nothing works... maybe I should change the ticket!!
  • You rock! I am totally inspired by your posts, thank you! just what I wanted today!
  • What fun!!! You know, a few years back when our oldest son was a few months old, and on Mother's Day mind you, we won $500 on the Lottery! That was before the Mega Millions too...........I confess, we where elated, but felt a bit sad when we realized we where just 1 number short from millions. That was before I learned about Abraham and how things can flow if we let them.

    Congrats on your win!!!!
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