I am so happy and grateful I have at least a hundred thousand dollars in my account!I will spend half, and leave for taxes...so I have fifty thousand give or takeThis allowed me to quit my job and focus on schoolThis allowed me to buy more organic foodand allowed for me to hire personal assistants, even if that included them to drive near orlandoor tampa to go to WHole foods, one of my fav stores.I hired a housekeeper to come over most days a weekin the meantime I had an hour each day, to start organizing things in my home moreand throwing things to make my house more zen like.I have money to get more massages.I have money to pay someone to iron my clothessomething I so don't care to do, nor really know how to do well.more time, more freedom, to manifest more money in the next yearso I can start living more, the life I want to live, travel, explore, concerts, etcthis year, wiht the moneyclean the houseclean, organize, simplifygetting ready to start a new, for methank you for a hundred htousand at least, dollars, Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the time is now, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I am so grateful for all the money and abundance that is coming my way.
    With the bounty I will purchase a dream house, a car , a new Iphone, a new laptop, jewelleries, clothes and do tithing.
    I will spend good time with my husband by visting Hill resorts......
    Love Thanks Divine,
  • I love this! My desires are very similar! :)
  • I bought some wall art and treated myself to get some nice frames
    the cost for it all is four hundred dollars

    I am getting four hundred dollars back from taxes
    so that worked out really nicely

    I can appreciate my nice house decor even more!

    ( that was an unexpected amount, cause last year, I owed taxes)
  • I receivced an true unexpected check for 38 dollars
    It remineded me, that money can truly come to me from unexpected sources!
    Out of the blue, and a check, to me! Wahoo!

    on the same day, I got two checks for a total about forty dollars, that was from myself on an order that could not be fully fullfilled, but the timing was cool, and any way, it is nice to get checks in the mail

    and that day, I also 'found' a money, I forgot i placed there
    so i have more money than I though!

    I am getting closer to at least a nest egg of what I get from my job,
    If they don't increase my pay, I am quitting, I am getting closer to that goal!
    • I am so happy today as I read through all the replies in this discussion.You all are blessed people. I really like the way you design the things you want to do with money and why you need money. I think I will do the same now and focus on it until the magic happens.
      I am so grateful as endless streams of income keep on flowing towards me.
      I really love money and money loves me.
      I am always having clean bank notes in my wallet
      I am so grateful as i can sastisfy all my needs and the needs of my love ones;
      I am happy as I ride in that wonderful jeep
      I am so glad as Iam staying in the wonderful house
      I am so grateful as am successful in all I say, do and desire which is good and makes me feel fine
      I am so grateful as I am handsome.
    • nice!
  • Hi Maya...

    I love your idea, and think that writing down all the reasons as to why I want or need more money is great! So, I've decided to do the same...

    I am so grateful for all the money and abundance that is coming my way.
    With the ;arge amounts of money the universe is providing, I will...
    go for a manicure, pedicure, wax and facial every three weeks.
    buy and live in a beautiful house - my dream house.
    buy the new bedding that I've been craving, as well as gazillions of beautiful purple pillows and a purple throw.
    buy new towels and a bath mat for my bathroom.
    buy a new couch for my lounge.
    buy a house with a fab outside area, so that i can create a comfy outside lounge area using the ball and claw suite I inherited.
    go visit my boyfriend this, and every, weekend.
    go away for more weekends away.
    go have my hair cut, coloured and styled.
    go on a HUGE shopping spree.
    buy more underwear, even though my mom treated me to two new sets last weekend!
    • I like your ideas too

      I love purple, and getting my hair cut, and colored is on my to do list for the next weekend or so,
      and that I can go to a nice place and treat myself with ease
      and tip with ease

      gobs of more money is in the mail for us! Check your accounts, cha, ching!
  • more nest eggs, so I can reconstructive surgergy, something I Have wanted for years
    I am going to feel so comfortable, yeah! Thank you Universe!
  • Thanks Penne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I came here to post, I just manifested an unexpected check for $9000. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so I am on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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