Basic guidelines for the group meditations

I've posted the basic guidelines below for anybody who has questions about the group meditations.

A group meditation for £1,000,000is held twice a week and is 30 minutes long.  A message confirming the time for each meditation is sent out to all members and a discussion thread is started as a place to check in for that meditation.

We areusing a switchwords phrase as a common affirmation or mantra  - currently
TOGETHERDIVINE COUNT , though some people like to use different variations of this. 
We have also decided to use a common yoga hand position (mudra ) for those who wish to include this. It is pictured below including the instructions posted by Siva.


You should press the fingers lightly together when you do this. Here,
the tips of the thumb, index finger and middle finger are placed together.
The other two fingers are bent and rest in the middle of the hand. You
can continue with both the hands.
This Mudra is quite remarkable as it is dedicated to the god of wealth.
In this you use three fingers, which represent Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Mars stands for
forcefulness, Jupiter for resplendence and Saturn for its fixation on the essential.
They are the thumb, middle finger and index finger respectively. This Mudra is not just for
money, but can be used even for several specific goals. When these three fingers close and
is accompanied by intensity of thought, there is added strength. The Kubera Mudra
decongests the frontal sinuses. It increases the memory power, our wishes are
fulfilled, and ultimately it removes all the obstacles in our carrier path.


Asidefrom the common affirmation and yoga hand position we take quite an
individual approach to the meditation - feel free to do what works for you and be creative.
You may find an aural meditation aid useful - Ilisten to Holosync Immersion, which I uploaded here 
before/during the meditation ( it's just rain sounds so it doesn't distract you ) and it helps you to get into alpha or deeper meditative state.

Some people are also making Chi Balls for the meditation.Siva posted some good info. on this under this thread - 
. It is the 3rd attached file at the top of the thread, in pdf form.
If you want to try this stuff,  or anything else that occurs toyou, great.  However below are some very simple general guidelines for the meditation.

a)Please include in your meditation all the members of the group who have checked in for that meditation.
If you find it helpful you may use a visual aid, such as a list, or here's a few more ideas ( which might be slightly more time-consuming ! ):

make a drawing,
print out a bunch of the copies of thecheque Monica62 uploaded and fill in one for each person - it doesn't matter that they are internet names - it's the intention that counts.
Youcould even get a bunch of stones, crystals ( or candles if you have enough ) and have one representing each person and place them in front of you.
- be as creative as you like.

b ) We are using acommon mantra ( see above ) and also a common yoga hand position, or
mudra, for those who wish to use it . Make yourself familiar with these before the meditation.

c) A few minutes before the time tostart, bring your visual aid and find a quiet spot alone where you will not be interrupted. Make sure your phones, e-mail alert, pager etc. are switched off.

d) Sit in a comfortable upright position and take afew minutes to prepare.
 The idea is to relax and get fully intoyour body and into the moment, because this is a very powerful way to be.
If this is your first time meditating and you don't want to tryany complicated or unfamiliar stuff, I'd like to suggest a very simple, straightforward but effective way to achieve this state:

Whilesitting in a relaxed, upright position, direct your attention into your body, and focus on your breath. Just observe it's quiet movement as it flows in and out of the body. Feel the breath touching your nostrils as you inhale, and notice the movement of your abdomen and chest. As you exhale, do not try to control the breath in any way - just let go of it and allow it to flow out of your nostrils. Listen to the sound it makes and observe the way your stomach and chest fall.
Any distractingthoughts that come into your mind, just acknowledge them but do not dwell on them - plenty of time for that later. Just remember that your intention right now is to get fully into your body and into the moment.
So let go of the thoughts and bring your focus back to your breath. After several breaths you will be fully in your body and in the moment.
Youare now at your most powerful and you are ready to focus on our goal.

e)Continuing to breathe in a relaxed way, ( and if you wish, bringing your hands into the yoga position illustrated above ) now focus your attention on the visual aid you've chosen which represents each member of the group.
Connectwith the group - expand your awareness to include them, and imagine that we each already have the amount of money we've decided upon. Imagine it in your own currency and intend it's equivalent in theirs.
( Feel your own happiness at having thisfinancial freedom, and the happiness of each other person. It is not greedy or selfish of you to have this because you intend it for each other person aswell. You have the power to create this as a reality, and if you just have the courage to use your power, then you absolutely deserve it ! ).

f) When you notice your mind wandering off, saythe mantra out loud or to yourself to bring your attention back to our goal and to affirm it. If you wish you can also say your own name and the name of each other member aloud and then say the amount - "One million pounds Sterling" ( or say it's equivalent in your own currency ). 

g) Even a few minutes of this will be extremely powerful,but try to stay for 30 minutes.

h) At the end of the session,just let your intention go out to the universe. It's like posting a letter - in order for it to get to where you intend it to go, it is necessary to physically let go of it into the postbox and trust that it will get there.
You've focused on it and you've put the effort in,so congratulate yourself on a job well done, and let it go. Take a few moments to readjust back to normal awareness, and now you can go and do other stuff but in the full expectation that this will come to you and to everyone else : )

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  • Yes it makes complete sense! I've always had really intense experiences with the meditations from the very beginning. Glad everything is going great for you! Look forward to meditating and reaching the goal with you!
  • I really enjoy your creativity on this. I like the way you look at it. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope others are as inspired by this as I was!


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  • Oh my goodness! Thank you for sending this reminder to me. I got so excited about all the good positive stuff I found here and from other sources-In particular Abraham-Hicks-that I have hardly been checking my email. Spent way too many years denying my worthiness and I've been drinking in all the LOA info I can find as well as enjoying how good it feels to meditate as effortlessly as I do now that some of that rediculous blockage in my mind, has been removed. So yes please, count me in. And please do keep sending that reminder. I appreciate it very much.

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