Check-In Thread: Group Meditation 1st/2nd september 2010

Hello Members !
First of all, I extend my WARM WELCOME for the recently joined members.
Then, I request you all, to kindly check in here in this thread, as it would be easy for our beloved CIAR to know who are all actually participating for the group meditation for £1,000,000 tomorrow ( 18th/19th August ). The time is listed below  - let me know if your time zone has been omitted.
Hope this is a convenient time for everybody. 
If you are joining in, please check in at least an hour beforehand so that everybody else participating will know to include you in their intentions for this session.
( You can also check in for this if the time is not convenient for you but you will be meditating on the group's goal for 30 minutes at a different time the same day ).

2pm Wednesday afternoon in Hawaii
5pm Wednesday evening Pacific US Time
6pm Wednesday evening US Mountain Time
7pm Wednesday evening US Central Time
8pm Wednesday evening US Eastern Standard Time
8pm Wednesday evening in Windsor, Canada
8pm Wednesday evening in Paraguay
9pm Wednesday evening in Sao Paulo, Brazil
1am Thursday morning in Ireland & Britain
2am Thursday morning in Paris, Denmark, Belgium, Poland
3am Thursday morning in Bucharest, Finland, Egypt
5.30am Thursday morning in India
8am Thursday morning in Seremban, Malaysia
10am Thursday morning in Sydney 

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  • Ciar thanks that you have posted the thread for me(and later deleted coz of this was also posted earlier).
    As i am frequently travelling on business now a days, pls. post the thread for mid week session also hereafter.
    Or as you said in your message to me, you can ask someone else to share also.I will as usual participate at
    the stipulated time for both, no matter where i am.
    Thank You IN ADVANCE. :)
    • No problem - regular members will be included in any particular session if you check in for that session. ( We are no longer using the member list ). Hope that's ok.
  • I'm checking in
  • Checking in!
  • checking in!
  • I am checking in now as well .. blessings to everyone. :)
  • me too checking in....
  • Everybody please also include TESS who checked in on the comments board below.
  • me too checking in
  • Right - I posted at the same time ! ( but will delete as there's no need for 2 threads ). Also sent message, hee hee.
    Anyway, checking in .... have a good one everybody : )
This reply was deleted.