Check-In Thread Group Meditation Sunday 5th September

Hi Everybody,

This is the place to check in for Sunday's group meditation for £1,000,000 which will be at the usual time listed below. Hope this is a convenient time for everybody  ( if I've left out your time zone let me know ).
Please check in hereat least an hour beforehand if you are joining in, so that everyone else
participating will include you in their intentions for this meditation.  ( Also check in if you can't make it at this time but will be meditating on the group's goal at a different time the same   day ).

Iset up a Twitter account for the group if anybody wants
to get tweets on their phone or Twitter page about the group

Have a good one  : )

6am in Hawaii
9am Pacific US Time
10am US Mountain Time
11am US Central Time
12 noon US Eastern Standard Time
12 noon in Windsor, Canada
12noon in Paraguay
1pm in Sao Paulo, Brazil
5pm in Ireland and Britain
6pm in Paris, Denmark, Belgium, Poland
7pm in Bucharest, Finland, Egypt
9.30pm in India
9.45pm in Nepal
12 midnight in Seremban,Malaysia
2am in Sydney

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  • Hope I didn't miss it?
    Checking in!
  • That was wonderful, I enjoyed it so much. I imagined that we were all sitting in a circle passing wads of notes to each other in an anticlockwise direction and the more we passed around the bigger the wads of money got !!!! I could FEEL the money in my hands and enjoyed giving it to the lperson on my right, knowing that even more money was coming to me from the lperson on my left ....that is how the Universe should be ... an everflowing abundance of money, coming and going, coming and going ...

    I could visualise us all, Ciar, Beverly, Daisy Duck, Monica, Sherry, Ayesha, and Caro ...and Flowerpatch and Human Sparkler and some others who didnt register but were there

    love and light Gen
  • Beverly in Austin, Texas checking in a little late. NO worries! TOGETHER DIVINE COUNT
  • Here's the Money manifestation meditation that I posted before for anyone who doesnt like to mediate in silence or if you are easily distracted ...or even to watch and listen AFTER your group meditation .....

    love light and PROSPERITY to all Gen
  • Because I have to get ready for work now, I've watched the meditation video that Gen posted a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, at 12 Noon EST, I'll have a few minutes so that I can do a short meditation. I wrote all our names on a piece of paper that I'll keep in my pocket. Blessings, Everybody!!!
  • checking in too.
  • Checking in with all of you wonderful people ... here is willing to let in Millions as part of the natural abundance of this wonderful Universe !!

    love and prosperity to all Gen
  • Checking in ...
  • Good Sunday to everyone .. I'm checking in. Blessings to us all. :)
  • Caro from the Netherlands is checking in.

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