Participants List : Group Meditation Sunday 10th October

Hi All,

This is the place to check in for Sunday's group meditation for£1,000,000 which will be at the usual time listed below. Hope this is convenient for everybody 
Please sign below at least one hour beforehand if you are joining in, so that everyone else
participating will know to include you in their intentions for this meditation. 
( You can also check in for this session if you can't make it at this time but will be
meditating on the group's goal at a different time the same day ).

Once you start deliberately offering thought, then you can never offerenough action to keep up with the thought. Once you access the Energy thatcreates worlds, a huge vortex comes into place, and there's just not enoughaction for you to keep up with that. And so, what you have to do isvisualize every step of the way, envision you happy in the process.Envision things in place, envision people catching on. Just envision itworking. Skip over the how and the where and the when and the who -- andjust stay focused upon the what and the why.

--- Abraham

6am in Hawaii
9am Pacific US Time
10am US Mountain Time
11am US Central Time
12 noon US Eastern Standard Time
12 noon in East Canada
12noon in Paraguay
1pm in Brazil
5pm in Ireland and Britain
6pm in Paris, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands
7pm in Bucharest, Finland, Egypt
9.30pm in India
9.45pm in Nepal
12 midnight in Malaysia
2am in Sydney
12 midnight in China

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  • Checking in for tomorrow afternoon. Have a great meditation : )
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