The good news and the bad news.

Ok the good news I'd like to share is that while I'm still pretty far off 1 million, financially we're doing very well and I've now received the necessary funding for a business project I've been planning to start up.
I'm sharing this info. to inspire people rather than to brag, and there's absolutely no doubt that meditating twice a week has been what has kept me in the positive flow of energy which made this happen.
The bad news is that unfortunately with this new project I will have a lot of extra work ( and stress ) to deal with, and I will not have the time to continue running this group myself for the next few months.
I WILL be continuing to meditate twice a week -
at 12 midnight on Wednesday and at 5pm on Sunday  - if people want to join in at those times. I will just be sending out good intentions for whoever is there.
I won't be able to continue posting the check-in threads and managing everything.
It has mostly NOT been stressful, there have been a couple of pretty draining incidents  - dealing with the trolls and weird e-mails and stuff  - but it has been mainly a great experience,  which is why I want to continue with the meditations.

I've got a couple of ideas for how this group could continue in my absence. One is if somebody else wants to take over the notifications for the group meditations.
Because of the trolls we had to set it so that only administrators can send group messages, so if anyone wants to do this role let me know and I will promote you to administrator in the group.
( I would recommend it for anyone who has the time to spare as it really helps you to focus on your goal ).

All members can post discussion threads so my other idea is that WHOEVER logs on can post a thread to organise a group meditation. It doesn't necessarily have to be at the usual times either - it can be at whatever time that person wants to do it, and then whoever is free at that time can join in.

If anybody else has any ideas or thoughts I'd like to hear them. I'm not starting the business project properly until next week, so I will have time this week to discuss it. 

Best wishes to all the awesome people involved. I will still be here in spirit : )


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  • Will do my best to keep the torch lit! Happy to help and keep this awesome experience going. Continued Success!
  • Me too - I meditated last night as always. I'm delighted that some people are interested in keeping this group going. I've promoted you to an administrator so that you can send group messages and approve new members etc. but there's no pressure : )
    All the Best,

  • Good to know you are able to do something you have wanted to do. That's great! Congratulations and continued prosperity to you! I am new to the group, but generally have enough extra time that I could help if no one else wants to or is able to. These meditations have been positive for me and I've had great experiences each time!
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