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Manifesting Results So Far

Hi everyone,

I just thought I would start a discussion where we can report anything we have noticed in our lives money wise so far since we all started this experiement.

Since starting I have to say things have been going really welll for me.  I am a f

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Group Meditation for £1,000,000

I'm up for trying a group meditation session sometime this weekend if other people want to do it. I've looked back through the "Time Zones" thread and "How do we Begin" thread, and it seems to be the following people who have expressed interest in jo

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How are you doing?

Please share how you are getting on with the visualisation/manifesting process every day, and put forward any techniques and ideas you have that you think will be helpful.
Also if anyone has any questions about the Experiment please feel free to ask 

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Time Zones

Per the suggestion of Ciar and Super Dave and I was curious to know what times zones everyone was on in order to establish a weekly focus session i.e. where we all agree to focus/meditate/eft/ pray/affirm etc one day a week at the same time.

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Member List

I decided to compile a master member list to make it easy for everyone.

Goal: to manifest 1 million unearned pounds, after taxes, with lasting abundance, in 2010


Photos: courtesy of WES.

Member List:

Halil 6252356283?profile=original    

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How do we begin?

Now that the amount is agreed upon how do we begin?

Do we all make a commitment to engage in whatever method (visualization, affirmations etc...) for a certain amount of time everyday for each participant and ourselves?

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I just accepted an invitation to join this group, so I understand that it must have attracted me and I you.


Having done so I 'm not entirely clear what this is about, so would someone mind explaining?


Thank you.


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The Story of the £45 and my Method.

It was 2003 and I was in England, sitting in my small room in the halls of residence of the Uni wondering what I was going to do. I was new there and didn't know people that well. Money was being transferred by telex from Ireland into my student acco

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Nominations for money amount?

I'll create a poll in the next few days but as a preliminary step was wondering if anyone would first like to discuss/ nominate an amount to be voted for. I personally will participate whatever amount is decided upon, because I think that any amount

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