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Hi Abundant Members, How’s it going?I need to ask you a question. I’m a national recruiter and here is my question.If the timing is right and the money is right. Would you be open to an offer?Here’s the offer, a six figure income within the first year. Bridge in part-time at no risk without changing what you are doing now. This is a new company launch. We work witha company out of FLA called the Amacore Group, which is financially backed by Vicis. This hedge fund is over 4.5 billion dollars. We are currently in all 50 states and expectto expand to other countries in the near future. We have partnered with the top IT Company which puts us on the cutting edge of the internet. We look like a 10 yrold company coming out of the gate. It would be ridiculous to even think about whether to get involved or not to get involved without having all the fact concerning the offer.Am I right about that?Let’s start by getting you on a 5 minute overview call about our company. You can listen to it toll free at 877-875-4868.We use a coded bonus program the same as Excell, the company that produced 18 millionaires in less than 5 years. That company reached a billion dollars faster than any other company up to that time. Google just took the record. There’s another company in the state of Texas marketing energy. They put on 75,000 reps working only in the state of Texas with the coded bonus program, and that is what we are using. We have enhanced it a little bit, and it’s a money maker. We pay weekly. They did this in less than 2 years. After only 2 years they were at $800 thousand volume. We expect our company to reach a billion dollars in two years.Let me share a quick story with you from a very dear friend of mine.“About 30 years ago, a good friend dropped by to tell me what he was doing. He said he was working on this building that was the beginning of a new company called Costco. He said I should buy some stock in this Co. Word is, it is going to be huge. I could’ve purchased the stock for $1.00 a share. I could’ve written a check for $10,000, but I told my friend, it’s just another small start – up company. Boy, did I miss it!”The risk is not whether you join up with our company, but the risk is what if you don’t?This is network marketing, and that’s the most lucrative marketing system in America. It is making more millionaires than anything else you can do.Does this interest you, or does that turn you off?To your success,Kathleen SchmidtCEO Z Your Dream

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    • There is a free movie you can watch that gives a full presentation at my direct web site.

      But to answer your direct questions:

      What is / are the product(s) ?

      Our first product is called Care Saver. It's like having a Costco membership, but for everywhere else, like Target, Best Buy, Olive Garden, AMC theaters plus local busineses. Our members receive discounts as well as cash back on every day purchases. My favorite part is the Virtual Assistant, it's like having On Star on my cell phone. When I started with the company I test marketed our product and ended up saving over $200 my first month.

      How do I join and how much to invest ?

      You can go to my direct site at click on Join. There is a one time fee of $329 which is tax deductible. Reps will get a full training kit with materials like brochures and DVD's to help market the products.

      How does it sell ?

      We sold over 1000 the first week it launched and its been growing like wildfire. Most people don't mind spending 67 cents a day when it saves them over a $100 a month. Especially with todays gas prices.

      How does it pay back ?

      Weekly bonuses and monthly residual. Watch the video above as it will go into greater detail on how the compensation plan works. There is a special promotion this month for new reps where they can earn an extra $200 their first week.

      I hope this helps :)

  • Has this company gone public?
    If so, are the stocks priced proportionately to the underlying value of the assets?
    • Excellent question, I'll need to get the answer for you. ~Kathleen
    • Ok, Amacore is a public company. Zurvita is not public. We (Zurvita and Z Your Dream) are a subsidiary of Amacore. Hope this answers your questions.

      Have a great weekend!!

    • I wanted to see the site none of the links work...
    • I'm sorry about that, been having issues with my domain. Here is the direct link, click here.
  • Hi
    I wonder if this is available for me who is living in north africa. Thanks for answering
    Wish you the best
    • Hi Driss, as soon as I find out how far we're branching out, I'll post an announcement. There's lots of exciting things happening with my company and it's exploding here in the states!
  • Hi Kathleen,

    It sounds good - let me know when it is coming to Australia, but I won't hold my breath. Ha ha
    We're really not that far away these days. We already have the healthy chocolate in Australia, and I'm involved in that. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    Healthy Choc
    • Hey everyone,

      I will definately let you know when we go international! This is so much fun!
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