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Who said the following???

I would rather have 1% of 100 peoples' efforts than 100% of my own?

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  • live = love  <3

  • and you can skype me too:  Sia.Gats

    I would live to get to know you and share this opportunity with you!

  • Hello my friend :-),

    I got something from a very good friend of mine who assured me,
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    How Long Can You Make Your Own String?
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    Just join, pass it on & grow your string

    ... no strings attached ... ;-)
  • Hey there,
    Hope you are having a great Easter Weekend !!

    How would you like to participate in something really worthwhile !!!!
    A very unique way to help and also benefit while giving.

    Thank you for your time in reading this !!!!

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  • Michael - when you arrive at God's Bank scroll down for further information.

    Gods Bank Home
    points the way to true wealth and riches beyond belief with ancient wisdom and newage insight
  • Okay - never mind. I found JoAnn's lovely page...

  • Hello Everyone...I joined this group a few days ago and really love the every behind it. Plus, I see a number of my friends here. :-)

    JoAnn Donahue sent a message to us earlier...however, I can not find her in the member listing. JoAnn, if you read this, please stop by my page and add me as a friend. I will certainly accept.

    I wish you all blessings!!

  • How do I register? I went to God's Bank and was not able to move forward.....
    Michael Watkins
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Anyone want to Join Forces with Me??????

I'm not asking for you to stop your current business. What I am asking is for people to join forces with me and help others in need of $$$$$$ I am only one person and I need help spreading the word.Here is the plan and what your paycheck can look like:The Power of 2Level 1 - 2 friends x 5 % commission = $10 fast start bonus $90Level 2 - 4 friends x 40% commission = $160Level 3 - 8 friends x 10% commission = $80Total Income = $250 a mo.The Power of 4Level 1 - 4 friends x 5 % commission = $20…

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The Secret Science of Getting Rich And Multiple Streams of Passive Income

In the Secret Science of Getting Rich where Wealth is a Predictable Result, the concept of generating profit centers from intellectual property is pointed out as being one of the SPECIFIC methods of generating income. In today's emerging home based business models Direct Selling Companies also offer methods of generating income.The best form of generating income though comes out on top as ILM or indefinite level multi-level direct selling. Word-of-Mouth advertising is the best form of…

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