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Suddenly it is July!

Greetings Mystic Oracle Members!

I have been absent from this group for months now and for that I sincerely apologize dear members!
I have been in the midst of massive life changes, like I suspect most of you have as well! I have just relocated from Toronto, Ontario and only just arrived in Queensland, Australia where I have taken up a new residence! Surely, I am not the only one experiencing such powerful tugs of change!

These are exciting and scary times of surrender and risk taking as we prepare to and align to our heart and soul desires.

A huge Leap of faith... what is yours?

Now that I have returned here - I wanted to take the time to tap into the group vibration as a whole and make an application for our current spiritual opportunity of learning.

We are all incredibly spiritually resilient. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this fact. The mere fact that we were born on planet earth must give rise to the reality that we are indeed psychic by earth birth rights. Can you sense it, see it, hear it? There is a calling - to wake up to our inherent gifts!

Our resilience teaches us to self correct, refresh, re-boot but most of all to accept that our reality is relative to our perception at the moment and therefore nothing is as it may seem.

Unbridled love resides in every thought and action. When we are faced with darkness, loss, betrayal, abandonment, difficult relationship issues, challenging circumstances in our lives - spirit challenges us to see through the fog, see beyond our expectations and our definitions of 'what is'. Once we decide to change our perception or at least open to a new perception, we discover new information that is actually gracefully revealing itself, through our trials and tribulations, in a form we have never before experienced. It is but the divine in all its variations - coming into yet another new form for us to learn from.

Smile from your heart...
It is miraculously contagious!

A new world consciousness is a thought away…
Through the practice of alignment to heart based coherence and resonance;
Moving from the fear thought system to the love thought system;
Evolving from Mankind to KindHuman!

Share your stories... and then, if you can, tell us the real story - the one about the new information erupting in your life...disguised as all this drama!

Kindest regards,
P.S. - A view from here... The Gold Coast... the great Coral Sea... taken days ago! Enjoy!

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  • Wow it appears that this group has been inactive for at least a year judging by the dates of some of the below comments. Is there anyone out there?

  • im a shaman and a seer as well and i does my heart good to able to meet others like myself, i look forward to meeting every one here
  • Blessings of love and light to my dear brothers and sisters in energy!I am a large group trance medium healer and
    I teach Mystery School . Have a daily radio show you might enjoy-you can lisent to archived shows anytime.Have a blessed day beloved Children of Great Spirit!!
  • am so glad to be in the midst of mystic cos i did like to know more and to possess powers.thanksss
  • Hi everyone just joined group I am excited to be a member and be able to talk and share with other psychic's
  • Just read email about getting a reading. Would love to be part of it. If in fact I am not too late my question would be Where is my career path taking me? If to vague I can get more specific.

    Thank you,
  • Something to share, enjoy~
  • Just joined and am spellbound by all of this! Sure took me long enough to 'feel' I was going in the right direction in life. Finally I feel I found my home for life! Thank you and Hello to all!
  • nope
  • Just joined the group and wanted to say Hello to everyone.
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What is bringing this in for me??

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Can someone tell me how to control feeling . Does anyone know what I mean ? It is driving me insane ! It gets in the way with only certain people. I know I am an Empathic ( don't know if I spelled it right or if it even is the right word ) .I have felt this my whole life and I feel it is taking me over finally . Why is it though I feel it only with certain people and sometimes I feel it when I meet someone for the first or on the second time ? Please help me. Thank you ! Bless you all.

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spirit in dream?

I have posted this in the 'dreams' group as well, but i thought it would be appropriate here.I was hoping someone could shed some light on a strange dream i had last week:I had a dream the other night , which was kind of vague, but i remember being in my own room (this part all looked very real) and i opened the door to the hall to go downstairs. As i opened the door i saw a really big white dog standing at the top of the stairway. At first i thought it was my old dog, which died last year, but…

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