spirit in dream?

I have posted this in the 'dreams' group as well, but i thought it would be appropriate here.I was hoping someone could shed some light on a strange dream i had last week:I had a dream the other night , which was kind of vague, but i remember being in my own room (this part all looked very real) and i opened the door to the hall to go downstairs. As i opened the door i saw a really big white dog standing at the top of the stairway. At first i thought it was my old dog, which died last year, but as i stepped closer, it turned into another type of dog, really big and long and shorthaired. As i looked at it he started moving down the stairs as to get away from me, so that i wouldn't see it, but i wanted to go after it. As i started to do so, i woke up with my heart pounding and i was scared to go out of my bedroom to look at the stairway because the dream had felt so real.. It felt like the dog was some kind of ghost or spirit or something and was really there, no idea if it actually was though..Does anyone know what it could have been? All i know is that i felt its presence but i didn't know if it was good or bad or if it was even actually there.

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  • It may depend on what type of dog. For example if it was one of those beautiful large rescue dogs. Different dogs come from different places and you can feel their vibration. It may also be a spirit dog for someone else. Sent to see you. I get the sense it is not an unfriendly dog. Its odd, as I type this its as if I can feel a dog sitting next to me.

    I would need more information to be able to tell more. (()) joanne
    I do get though, an old Rosevelt statement.. there is nothing to fear except fear itself.
    Really look thru and past the fear.
    • Thanks Bluemermaid!

      I don't think it was an unfriendly dog either. It did not try to attack me, but seemed to be running awat from me and i wanted to follow, but got really scared for where he would be leading me as well. Then, after i woke up, i was just afraid because it had seemed so real.

      As for the type of dog, it was a large white dog. At first i thought it was my old dog, who died over a year ago. She was an akita inu, looked like this:

      But as i walked closer to the dog, it turned into a dog that was much thinner and looked a bit like this:

    • That looks like a greyhound... They have often been linked to Plaidians (or however it is spelled???) One of the medical intuitives is and has been guided by a plaides since he was a baby. That is so KEWL... Lucky girl!
  • Going downstairs is often seen as going into yourself... So with the white dog... White often being seen as spirit... Dog often represents both loyal protecter and guide... Moving down the stairs... Could be or may be seen as guiding you towards self examination...

    I can see going into self being terrifying... LOL!

    Just an idea though
    Marsh EverEvolvingSoul
    • LOL! It was when i woke up!!

      It makes sense though..only it seemed not as if it were guiding me toward something, but rather running away from me.
  • In one of my dream books it say that : seeing a white dog in your dreams means that you be successfull in buisness and love. :>)

    So actually, you had a good dream
    • Ooh! That changes everything!! Can't wait for my succes in both those area's
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